Ahh I feel so… half-conscious. Perhaps I should take a nap/sleep but somehow or rather I’ve managed to find some utterly random/useless things to occupy myself all day. Just when I felt like taking my bike for a spin (of sorts) it started raining. Sad, sad desu.

I must admit, my impression of Airbus’ A380 was different than what it actually turned out to be. The plane’s more chunky, rather than a larger scaled one. I was expecting some 1.5x sized 747 or something but looking back on it, the wingspan would have been killer for most airports. Still, compared to the rest of the planes, especially the civilian jets, that thing was huuuuge. So was the Warrior UAV! Must be all the surveillance equipment packed into it.

All in all though, the planes were not as cute as this!

It kinda looks like… haha nevermind =P

Sigh. My internet speed has been in the gutters lately. Couldit be from the influx of Starhub users in the vicinity? Or are there some issues with my router? I’m guessing the former. So much for the fat green pipe bringing fun for everyone. Their ads are so full of shit. Whole family all connected; they do nothing but surf google search results all day long is it? Bring in BT and streaming content and I’m sure it’d slow down like a grossly overweight person being forced to take the staircase.

I don’t even know whether my MSN replies are getting through or whether I’m receiving theirs… In any case, signing up for Singtel’s BB sounds really tempting — until I remembered I’m in Singapore.

Speaking of telco operator ads, I HATE HAET HAEEEEET M1’s latest ad. I feel my IQ drop drastically every time I simply hear the damn tune, let alone get a glance of it.

Ever since my hammie gave birth to two babies on Valentine’s, I’ve been keeping a close watch on the new family. It seems like having kids is tough for any parent, human or not, haha. She looks noticeably tired now though. Another week left and things should be easier on her. But that means finding a new/bigger home.

Good gawd. I still want a kitty. But to the hammie’s credit, it’s really cute when she escapes and climbs onto/under my comforter when I’m sleeping, grabs and nibbles on cheese or roll around in her sand bath. Which… looks more like a dumpster now, since she started bringing food into it and leaving the sunflower seed shells in there with the sand. And pee. And poop.

While looking up on things to read for basic cycling, I came across a site that detailed menstrual cycles. And for lack of better things to do, I had a refresher and went to read up on it. Mysteries of the opposite gender: I have many more just begging to be answered, haha.

OK before I go, I’ll put up some vee-dee-oh reviews. I just discovered Zero Punctuation as a result of today’s internet wandering and I’m loving it, heh.

NSFW – language and… explicit drawings?
EDIT: Having trouble embedding, so I put links instead =(




3 thoughts on “ɯopǝɹoq

  1. LOL to your previous entry, if you bled, I won’t bother helping you out. seriously!
    I’ll go home myself first.

    anyway why the plane looks so… flattened uh?

    or is it my eyes damaged.

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