Boob Tube!

No I don’t have one thankyouverymuch. I’m posting quite a number of YouTube videos and… couldn’t think of anything better.

The last time I stepped into Victoria Theatre was to perform as Henchman #3 in my secondary school’s Chinese Opera showcase thingum. We were the first school to start off the event. I remember running around backstage to get ready was hell… And without my glasses all I saw was… hell the sword in my hand, haha.

So now here I am 3 years 2/3 months later, at Victoria Theatre again. To watch Beiiiiiii-jing Opelaaaaaaaaa. Or however it is they sing stuff out. The show was awesome really! Snakes, sticks and immoral herb were the best I tell you. Yes that’s not the real title and there’s a typo in there.

Thank you Riko and Riko’s Dad (whom I didn’t get to talk much to SORREH! Not even about Bee Gees omg) for the company. I so want to see the martial arts based ones sometime. Secret family opera clan or something for the win.

Now I present you YouTube videos! I tried to list them in order of awesomeness but I have trouble deciding so…

“Soccer Kid”

The kid’s smart please. Haha. If I have a son he’ll be it. Although the ad didn’t really had to do much with the actual product, haha.

“Keep on Jumping”
Music Video

A soccer-based video then got linked from the previous video. I don’t normally care, let alone share, for these sort of things but I just feel like it today, haha. Yes. It’s a blond and brunette team in lingerie playing soccer on a muddy field. With music. Ho ho.

“MadTv Skit – Fight?”
TV Series

Hahahaha. So gay. “Man I don’t wish you -grab- my ass”. Haha.

“MadTv Skit – Bobby Lee Korean Scientist”
TV Series

I’M SCIENTIST. YOU ARE SCIENTIST. SCIENCE… together. Hahaha very old video. But still awesome.

“Ratchet & Clank commercials”

A compilation of commercials for the Ratchet & Clank series, which I so adore. I so need to get the entire collection… some time.

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