Feb ’08 Top 3 Songs

So February draws to a close and March slaps us in the face before we know it. Alas, I have 12 days left before ‘becoming the nation’s bitch’, as Sean puts it. This time’s Top 3 songs were pretty much set and ready since the middle of the month – whenever I opened up my music player I always started off with this 3, haha.

Now just so you know I won’t be uploading the songs this time round. Reasons being I don’t know if anybody gets them at all in the first place and also because they’re now in FLAC format, meaning one song eats up like 40MB. You’d usually expect a porno clip or something to take up that much space. So lyrics/translations, streaming and downloads have now all been stripped away. Yes there’s less effort needed in doing this post. But hey I still have to find decent videos to put up kay!

Song #1
Title: Ain’t My Bitch
Artist: Metallica
Album: Load

First heard: In album

Comments: First song in the CD and I immediately fell in love with it. Hell, I set my CD player (yes, it was before the birth of iPod) to ‘Repeat 1’ the moment I heard the starting riff. I still do occasionally, haha. In fact I pretty much have plans set for it for a video I wanna make once I get a Sony HD DV camcorder. Well yes enough non-relevant talk. This and the following album are pretty controversial since Metallica took a really different musical approach compared to their earlier thrash album hits. In any case, I still like it. Especially The Black Album. I only started disliking their sound with the release of St. Anger. Wth was that. Oh well, new album coming soon!

I give you live performance for more ‘feel’.

Song #2
Title: Koiji Romanesque
Artist: Zetsubou Shoujotachi (voice actors from the anime)

Comments: I actualy really like this song! It’s the first ending song from Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei Zoku, which is also made of win. This song happens to be among the select few that I like which are sang by seiyuus. The art in the ED’s pretty unique too. Show and tell, show and tell! Behold my drop in language!

Song #3
Title: Take Me
Artist: Papa Roach
Album: Getting Away With Murder

First heard: In album

Comments: Emo, bawwwww go cry in a corner, “crawling in my skin, this orange will not peel” etc. etc. It’s a great song to gig out with though.

*puts fists up with Jac* q (( (>A<) )) p <– Futile attempt at headbanging emote


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