“Iyaddaaa, yamette kudasai!!”

So… I have exactly one week left. Seven days from today I’d be sleeping by now, to be woken up in four hours time to get enlisted. I’m not looking forward to it.

Well, I don’t really mind the whole thing, simply the part where they’ll toss me into a goddamned pool and somehow or rather prevent myself from drowning long enough to pass. Yes. I hate being in water. I believe in evolution and stand by the idea that we land animals crawled out of sea for a fucking reason. I admire the sky more than the sea. Make me a paratrooper any day.

Oh but what can I do? Blah.

My weekends were spent waking up when the sun’s setting, watching movies and gaming until people went to bed then chatting and idly surfing before going to bed when the moon starts to set. So they passed by very quickly.

I had to wake up early on Monday and since I had some free time waiting at a train station, I came up with a parody that went:

They see me waitin’
They hatin’
They tryin’ catch me bein’ naughteh

Tryin’ to catch me bein’ naughteh x4

McSundae sold out
Start rainin’
They starin’ they wan’ catch me being naughteh

Tyin’ to catch me bein’ naughteh x4

…uhh, yo yo what up G

My phone ain’t work none
…(Oh hie, thought you overslept)

I learned at KFC that I’m only worth 50cents. I dunno’ whether to be happy for being so accessible, or sad for being so cheap. Hey, at least I’m worth something unlike over at a certain clown’s place.

I am also very perplexed over why Riko’s dad arranges the home theater speakers like that. Why! WHY! I had this urge to go rearrange everything. Lucky’s a cute dog too. He is like a pat-magnet. Pat to turn magnet on. Do no pat (for excess of 30mins) to turn it off, hahaha.

All in all it was a very fun, educational day! I learned a lot of other things, such as Dor Lung being a “wonderful” flen, how companies who try to make jRPGs into a strategy-jRPG fail miserably and the true nature behind DOA just to name a few.

I defeated this monstrous troll, leading my men to victory. I even, under immense pressure from the powers that be, defeated 1000 men (I am the true Dynasty Warrior!) in battle! Alas, I was rewarded by being groped and molested a lot; some drunken man even tried to snatch my panties! And then there’s this girl who… thrusts her palms… at my…

RYU HAYABUSA, YOUR MASK SHOULD BE FUSED TO YOUR SKIN MAKING IT YOUR NEW FACE. I do not like you without the mask. I refuse to acknowledge you with the mask off. I trusted you. I believed in you! Go… go play with your Ayane! *dramatically turn around in slow motion, streaks of tears glittering in the light, before promptly running off*

You know who you are: Thank you for the Xmas gift that has an interesting date on it! Hahaha. Take care for your trip =3=

It felt really odd sitting at NP’s bus stop waiting for 74. I guess I’d be doing that all over again for another 3 years in 2010. Sigh. Everyone would be off to do their own things by then.

Speaking of 2010, Kazu’s told me she has this Eurotrip planned with her friends. In awe, please. My only travel wish would be to visit Japan before I die. Everywhere else is a fun bonus side-quest! Then there’s also this Youth Olympics thing? Like… what if there are lots of people who want to see it, where on earth are we going to accommodate them in this tiny city-state?

My parcel for Amanda hasn’t returned yet. They sure take their time on return deliveries. Tsk tsk. Must so give it by this weekend please. Must break my record!

(Horie Yui’s song Hikari is made of pure, unadulterated, tasty win. Have I mentioned how much I like this song? I liek this song so much, that it’s like… made of pure, unadulterated, tasty win)

Going to NYP this Thursday with Ken to check out Daryl’s awesome FYP animation. Their team has unfair godlike advantage over the rest. So much so it’d be akin to the other FYP projects not existing at all, or so I’ve been told, as Ken has seen it. No doubt he’s really good and is going to put his skills to good use in Californiaaaa, Califroniaaaa, here we coooooo-*cough*

Kay I’m done. That’s it. Nothing to see here, move along.


30 Days of Night is a pretty good movie for a vampire show. 3:10 to Yuma is a western win and American Gangster is great stuff too. Wow. I’m happy I watch good movies, hahaha. Appleseed’s Ex Machina is action-packed because it’s mainly produced by JOHN WOO. Hurr.

Ok thank you. You can go now. Thank you for visiting Mayoyaki. Please collect your complimentary gifts on the way out.


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