Grumpy Ah Kong

…I feel like I got fucked by an incoming train and woke up having no memory of it =A=

Yes I am sick. Which, although pretty common back in primary and secondary school (well, most of the time), it only happens occassionally now. I believe I’m down with the flu. You know… it starts with a sore throat which feels more like a cactus in your throat, followed by a nose so runny you’d win the Bacteria Olympics and finished with a touch of fe-shi-ver.

Being sick, my tolerance levels drop to near non-existence.

Have I mentioned how much I hated how this house is run? Where the fuck are all the tissues. I’m sick of having to buy them, getting a box or two taken from me and when I run out, then what? Have them wait for me to buy more, that’s fucking what. Bunch of idiots buy useless things that litter the house but are there tissues? Nooooo, of course not, we don’t need no god-damn tissues. On the rare occasion that they do buy tissues is when someone else is sick.

And who the fuck puts fishes to thaw in the bloody fridge. Fishes in a compartment in the freezer is fine, but not in the bleedin’ fridge, NEXT to milk. Great, just spectafuckingly great. It doesn’t help that I’m sick and everything tastes and smells like fermenting shit.


**Ding-diNG-DING. We are now having a 10-minute intermission.DING-DIng-ding**

Kazu, being the worrisome son-in-law, demanded I go to sleep early last night. So I did. Or… at least tried to, haha. So I laid in bed trying not to choke on my own mucus attempting to fall asleep. Since I’ve been sleeping around 4-6am the pst few days, I was pretty much very awake. I simply stared at the ceiling and rolled around trying to get some shut-eye but my mind was very, very active so I had much difficulty for the next… two hours, haha.

I think I did slip into slumber for a bit but my hammies woke me up. Then it was another 30minutes of tossing and turning. It got to a point where the room became very stuffy, but that most likely just me getting carried away with some thoughts, haha. I believe I eventually fell asleep around 3am?

I did had some interesting dreams but me being sick can’t recall them at all right now. I only remember stumbling to the wash room to clear my nasal passages.

You can tell by now this is one of those random entries.

I got this on Thursday:

Oh, the grain. Just look at the grain! So… grainy. So… everywhere.

Hehehe. Next in line shall be Mika!

5 days to Thursday~ I’m both happy and sad, haha.


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