My illness is phased like a U-shape wave. I was feeling considerably better over the weekends, but today I feel like I barely escaped from a tenderizer.

Ahhhh… horrible.
2 days left to Thursday too.
Ahhhh…. tissue’s the best thing since sliced bread, I swear.


Hurr, who says sick men can’t cook?

…no I’m just joking, I know D: Health hazard. Cooking for just myself anyway =(

Despite still managing the kitchen and ingredients, I totally forgot that I ran out of tomato sauce. I turned to cream sauce, nope, gone too.

So I ended up with dry meatball spaghetti, which wasn’t al that dry since I made sure to not strain the noodles for all they’re worth and added a touch of olive oil.


2 thoughts on “;_;

  1. Alas, you should know that the only imaging capture device I have is my crappy handphone, the source of many grainy images you see in here.

    i.e. Not my photo

    No idea who took it though.

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