C-c-cough combo!

The last time I felt this sick was back in secondary school. The guys and I were ill for an entire month after staying over at one of their places. This time I’m entering my third week and I’m honestly not sure whether it’s getting better or worse. It feels like I’m coughing my lungs out, especially so when the chain’s long enough for me to want to vomit.

I’ve seen the doctor in camp but the medication ran out and it doesn’t feel any different. Guess I’ll see how it goes when I’m there again tomorrow morning. Reporting sick really isn’t something you’d want to do; it’s designed to make you want to go only when you feel like you’re about to die. Which is like now, haha.

Two weeks in and things feel different in a way. I wonder what two years would be like.

I’d write more but I’ve been sleeping for the better part of the day in hopes of enhancing the medicinal properties of my over-the-counter stuff but it didn’t really help, so now I’ve got to rush to get ready.

It’s sad that you can’t bring cameras there, especially when you get great opportunities for nice pictures of the sky. More so around the upcoming period of the year.

The moon really does stand out in the night.

2 thoughts on “C-c-cough combo!

  1. A is for absentee, I is for injury, R is for report sick, B is for attend B, O is for on the bed, R is rest and relaxation, N is No training and E is for everything

    Down by the cookhouse, took a little walk
    Ran into some medics, had a little talk
    Check me, Check me
    Into the sick bay
    We don’t need no foot drills
    We don’t need no PT

    Hey… don’t be a fool, somebody said we are attend B
    We are attend C!



    Hey bro, haven’t been able to catch you :( Our schedules are so different. See you when I see you and hope you’re doing well. Oh btw i found out we’re on opposite blocks lol.. facing each other. So near yet so far eh.

    Oh and how do you like my chao keng song? Haha my COS made us come up with one

  2. Yeah I realised your building was opposite too when my platoon was doing stand-by area, haha.

    “I’m a saikang warrior
    Working at coy line
    I’m a saikang warrior
    Just waiting at coy line

    So you better get out of my way now
    Or I’ll sweep you with my broom
    So you better get out of my way now
    Or I’ll throw my tag at you”

    Can’t beat yours lah, lol. We don’t get incentives for it.

    “Have you ever wondered
    Why must we serve
    Because we have no choice
    And we lan lan have to serve, have to serve, yah”

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