Huh what

Yes, I’m still sick. I don’t see how one’s supposed to get well when one’s running under the sun every day but that’s the suck for you. I got my rifle the other day. They keep telling us to treat it as our wife but bloody hell, I don’t get a wife for three months before passing her on to some other stranger.

Oh well, few more months to June and I’m free! Free from the dreaded ferry trips. MGS4’s global release is in June as well, so that’s an added bonus.

My weekends now seem to have taken on this very surreal feeling. It’s… just really odd. Guess it’s just me.

I hope I finally recover by next Saturday. I don’t know how much longer I can take this cough and headache. Then again I’m not even sure if I can come back next weekend. Which would be killer really, since getting away from that place is the little thing I look forward to daily.

In lighter news I’ve received my ‘outstanding’ pay last week. I work 9-5 five times a week doing more direct service to the population and earn way more than what I got. I’ll just have to make do and slowly save up for my post-NS trip. This means I can’t really go indulge in shopping now. What nonsense is this. Hmph.

I’d really like to go eat a subwich (Subway sandwich) but I shall wait until I can enjoy it in it’s full tasty glory!


One thought on “Huh what

  1. got to honestly take care of yourself man!
    ugh those people in camp are inhumane.

    at least you got your paycheck! speaking of which, it has been a month since you went to NS?!

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