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Since I’ll only be back in May after today and because I didn’t had the time last week, I figured an update was called for.

Regarding my health, I’m still coughing. I even wake up in the middle of the night just to cough/vomit. So my last visit with their doctor revealed that if it doesn’t stop I’d have to go for an X-ray. Since I’ve started to lose a lot of trust in them I’ve decided, with some persuasion, to go visit a regular GP later today in case I’m actually dying or something.

I’ve also noticed that being in camp has me becoming more like a celibate monk rather than a starved tentacle-wielding fiend, which is fairly interesting. But that pretty much changes once I get home, haha. …No I don’t become a tentacled monster .A. *remembers something* Neither do I become gay by night >:(

In semi-related news, I’ve started to appreciate lingerie. I never could before, unlike dresses and accessories and such, but I’ve seem to see them in a new light. Blair’s ones have had some contribution to this. (But I bet they’re expensive, like all her other clothes she wears in the show)

Which only makes me sad ’cause it reminds me of fashion and that reminds me of clothes shopping, a need which hasn’t been fed for far too long.

Food hasn’t seen such exceptions though.

Yesterday I took the plunge and went for a milkshake at Anderson’s. It was nice. But not enough! I must have another some other time. I still haven’t had my Subwich though, which also makes me very sad. I want my one-footer =(

I also bought a premiere-edition hardcover comic of Iron Man. It’s a compilation of some of the original works. I’m gonna’ see if I can find the new series later today and see how much damage it’ll cost.

In addition to that I also went “hell with it” and got some cheap Creative speakers out of necessity. Once I get the decoder I can plug in my PS3 to them as well. I’ll stick with headphones for my music. I can’t wait for the day I spend more than my monthly salary on the pair I’m getting.

Bloody hell, how to go to Japan like this. How! HAO! I swear I miss my old admin job. Looks like I’d really have to go work for half a year or so before I can go back to poly.

At which point all my friends would have gone on to greater things. That’s nice to know. But no point regretting things. If I started now I’d never get to the end of my list and I’d most probably end up dead in the forest with a bullet in my head.

The past few months I haven’t touched on anything related to my field of work. That’s horrible really. I need the practice. Since I don’t have the time or resources to do any real practice, I’ve been looking at machinima lately.

mountyoum’s Dead Fantasy is a most excellent series. The choreography itself is pure gold, though I much prefer the first episode.

Beckman’s Azerothian Super Villains is another noteworthy series thanks to it’s story but I haven’t caught up to the latest episode. I’ve not yet checked up on Myndflame and Dead Worker’s Party. I bet they’ve got lots of new WoW machinima since then.

First thing I do when I get back to mainland Singapore in May is to watch IRON MAN! And then watch it again, haha. You must understand, my three favorite superheroes in order are Spider-Man, Iron Man and Batman. If you expand the list in non-ranking order it’ll include Venom and Ghost Rider. I’m not a big fan of the whole universe really.

And I bet you don’t really care, haha.

Less than two more months to POP and MGS4!
I’m still high up in my sky, fearful of the ocean.

One thought on “Milkshake

  1. “And I bet you don’t really care, haha.”

    – HAHA, yes!

    anyway in your state, you still went for milkshake?
    seems like you’re destined to die.

    and lingerie is sooooooooooooooo amazing,
    it’s this endless mirage of I don’t know,
    fantasies and beauty…

    it gets me lost and sucks me away so much so I think I’m a unicorn.

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