Grand Theft Auto IV has been playing well so far, but I still have this nagging desire to go sell it and get Dynasty Warriors 6 instead. I dunno why. Maybe I just need mindless button-mashing action and hear the phrase “Enemy Officer defeated!” again.

I had lunch with my family earlier in the afternoon. We went to this place nearby that sold Western stuff and they roughly bought the usual portion of food I’d normally eat.

When the dish arrived, however, I simply stared at it and went “oh what the f-“.

I pretty much felt full halfway through but I felt bad that there was so much food lying around so I brought myself to finish it (OK so it was more like 98% but who’s checking).

So there I was, having never experienced such a full stomach before for some time.

At which point I had this urge to make myself regurgitate for fear of having ate too much.

The idea swam around in my head for a few moments before Sense promptly came along and slapped me across the face.

I’m not in the mood to write about my field camp so I’d get to that sometime later.
In fact I’m not really in the mood to do anything.

I could stare out the window all night.


2 thoughts on “02:59

  1. “Enemy Officer defeated”? Heh theres a good one. C’mon man… Field camp was AWESUM! I soooo wanna go back. Whoooooooooo. Lets go to sispec or OCS! Field EVERYDAY ALL THE WAY! yeaaaaaa

    In other news. WHEN IS MOVIE TIME? value of NS man’s time = The trade surplus of china

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