Cast Haste

It’s scary how little free time I get and how fast it all passes by D:

I wanna blog but noooo I have no time and because I have to copy my stupid NS essay by hand because my printer died long long ago. Bleh.

Until next week my Mayonians.


3 thoughts on “Cast Haste

  1. Hahaha you copied it by HAND? Hate to break it to ya buddy but one of my OOT duties was to man the paper shredder. No prizes for guessing what I was shredding. And… I am back! And.. about to leave for my medical appt.

    Got my posting, call me and i’ll tell you about it. And umm… RECRUIT WHERE IS MY SOG!??!

  2. @Amanda: Nah more like reflections. Haha, I’ll post it up when the time comes.

    @Alex: Yeah I know they won’t keep it, but what to do? Don’t want no guard duty. You lucky CQMS dog. SOG… is uhh… lol?

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