Unsavoury Chocolate

I’ve finally came around to my blog but it’s pretty much late as hell since I have a few hours left before I need to wake up and go back to camp — ugh.

Unlike what you’re led to believe, I actually do have stuff to write about. Like (pron.) “An Ass”, since that’s pretty much what I spend most of my time doing now… as much as I rather not. But yes I’m going on ahead with this “lack of time” excuse because it really is the case.

OK so maybe I spent an hour or two (…was it four?) going through forums getting all worked up and excited about saving up and buying a new mobile phone. What for, you ask? Simply because it looks beautiful. But forking $800 for it is quite stupid really, considering my pay.

Then again I never was good with spending habits. Especially so with my craving for new clothes, shoes and such.

I’d go on with my internal conflict on prioritizing my purchases but I’d save it for another post. It’ll come in handy sometime when I really have no content to post up, haha.

Chocolate, if you don’t know by now, is a martial arts flick featuring a debuting Thai actress/TKD master.  Brought to you by the guys who made Ong-bak and Tom Yum Goong, I expected it to be halfway decent. The verdict? Bad. It’s been some time since I last saw a bad movie and I honestly wanted to leave the theater more than once, but the lead was pretty cute so what the heck.

It didn’t help that the character she played was autistic.

Actually you know what, I’ll stop here. The movie was just… plain bad, OK? Thinking of it just makes me feel all sad inside.

I haven’t caught Speed Racer and don’t think I will, really. It’s all glitzy, sure, but I’m hesitant over the plot. And with characters like Racer X around… >_> But I’ll watch it eventually. Just not in cinemas. What Happens In Vegas is also another candidate in this category, unless I really have the time and money to spare.

Just looking forward to Indiana Jones: KOTCS and Hancock, both of which are coming up real soon.

Bloody hell I should be sleeping now.

Goodnight, Mayonians.

Still holding on, however faint it may be.


2 thoughts on “Unsavoury Chocolate

  1. are you getting better yet?
    and, What Happens In Vegas is REALLY good.
    seriously funny.

    and I caught Iron Man just now,
    pretty good I must say.

    alright see you around! :)

  2. Yes I’m physically fine now, thanks for the concern =D
    Haha I plan to watch it sometime, just worried that by the time I do it’ll stop showing or something. Then there’s the low expendable income issue…

    Iron Man is awesome! Story-wise, characters, acting, VFX (ILM so no duh) and… ok wait lemme summarize this:

    Iron Man is awesome!

    Take care <3

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