As promised earlier, here’s a post about An Ass!

Lessons Learnt

  1. If I were to have a son and truly loved him, HELLO EMIGRATION!
  2. “Wait to rush, rush to wait”
  3. Supernatural stories of Tekong are overrated. Not that I want some Sirenesque zombie creatures chasing after me while swinging bludgeons around and cackling madly.
  4. Treasure thy hair.
  5. Instant noodles are the best damn thing since sliced bread.
  6. Water heaters are the… next best thing.
  7. Rats can bite through anything. They can also bite your platoon-mate’s finger. Why? I rather not know. They also have the Feint Death ability.
  8. Rambo is pure and utter bullshit (not that I didn’t know that already, it just sealed the coffin with solid confirmation), which explains why he is held in such great regard. +Respect points for anyone who can pull out a grenade pin with their teeth.
  9. How to walk around topless. I’m one step closer to being a Singaporean man! Whoopee.
  10. How to reflect on life in such a way that you know what you want and need to do. Now. Rather than 21 months later.
  11. As much as I dislike magazines such as FHM, they’re a nice alternative to the newspapers you read. Which are dated yesterday.
  12. Going cold turkey on anime for three months breaks addiction.

Well nothing much else comes to mind right now unless I start breaking out stories, which I’d rather not. I’m lucky enough to be in a great company now and it’s three weeks left before I pass out of here.

I’ve been shortlisted for a MP interview this coming Friday and I’m honestly hoping it goes well. Anything but a rifleman please, because if not I’d start writing my will. Or leave the country and never return. I dunno.

But hey, here’s to a potential 8-5 vocation!

So I read up a bit on the different units. I came across SPDS and they’re pretty cool.

They’re like the next best thing to circus entertainment you’d get paid for, and their uniforms bring up images of some Japanese sentai series. Perhaps they’ll secretly morph and call forth their transformable rides?

I can only imagine the hell that would be training though.

I’m getting Sara Bareilles’ album later today if the rest of her songs are great as well. I’m still waiting for Rachael Yamagata’s new album. There’s also my backlog of Jason Mraz. Hmm.

Oh oh I’ve just realised that my ‘real” shopping sessions seem to be in $500 or above blocks. You know, camera, mobile phone, music player, headphones, clothes etc. It’s just all these little ‘spending previews’ that hinder my own GSS – Great Saving Spree.


It should be a crime. Illegal! Punishable by a monetary award of SGD2k so you don’t miss out!

So yes, back to Sara.

Good stuff, eh?

I’m going back to camp tomorrow morning =A=
So I’ll end this here before spend too much time.

Til next week Mayonians!

Did you know? You’re the closest to heaven I’ll ever be.


3 thoughts on “Learning

  1. @Amanda:
    Haha, wtf indeed. We have managed to trap 2 rats so far, hurr.
    Can’t wait to have my hair back =(

    It’ll be awesome if it actually runs on electricity!

    Speaking of pokemon… my section-mates and I woke up in the morning and started singing the theme song out of the blue yesterday.

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