Quite Sleepy

Let me first and foremost direct your attention to my sidebar. Yes, the sidebar, the… most overlooked thing in a blog for regular readers.

Anyway, if you haven’t noticed already I’ve added a new page titled “Interview Session“. Go all out on it!

To update on last week’s post, I came down with a fever and grumbly-in-my-tumbly when I got back to camp. Summing up how I felt during my 24km route march would be as simple as: like luncheon meat blended together with corned beef. And milk.

Gawd that sounds disgusting D:
A meat shake.

For somebody who’s walked home from Ngee Ann Polytechnic to Hougang St 91, you’d think 24km would be nothing really. Let’s just add a bag filled with stuff you’d never really bring along in a war together with a rifle and helmet and bog him down with negative status effects*.

If it weren’t for the carbonated isotonic drinks (yay Sparkling H2O) I doubt I’d have made it with the stomach pains plaguing me.

But once back at the school I was all, “Durrr 24 click no kick! >D”

Basically that marks the end of my BMT, now it’s just slacking and random stuff until graduation. After which I shall get my posting and go to MP!

No I haven’t received my posting.
No I’m going to MP, I don’t care.
Actually RP is fine too.
Whatever just give me 8-5 stay-out, rawr.

*I say status effects because I’ve been wanting to play WoW again, though I really, really have no idea why. Maybe I just miss the whole thing. So i looked up private servers and all but… meh, something felt off. I shall just starve out this weird desire.

I initially wanted to invite friends for my graduation parade but

1. Only two tickets = parents
2. The parade is nothing special.
3. If I enter MP SP Drill Squad I’d be showing you much more entertaining stuff.

I’d much rather meet my friends in a casual setting anyway, away from that forsaken island.

Forsaken. Mage. Nice mounts… Hordeeee!
Excuse me.

Because I’m broke after pre-ordering MGS4 which comes out the day after I POP, I’ve been spending my day at home cleaning up my room, which is in a real mess and annoys me every time I see it. Of course when I sit down at the pee cee that fact seems to fade away into obscurity, hahaha.

[Thumbnails go clicky]

I was pretty happy with my closet cleaning, so decided to take a music break at the computer!

But I stayed a little too long and left the other side messier.

Oh how life plays jokes on you.
I’m so getting it cleaned up by next week >/

I so need a real camera as well.

I was trying out Sid Meier’s Civilizations: Revolution Demo for the PS3 and the first thing I noticed upon choosing my civvie was how Cleopatra looked hot. Obviously I ended up using the Egyptians.

Check out those–

OK so it was a friendlier version of Civilizations with nicer looking graphics and models. If it’s cheap I’d honestly consider getting this game. Since it has reduced game-time, think of it as a bite-sized Civilzations game if you will.

Post getting too long!
I’ll end off hyar.


4 thoughts on “Quite Sleepy

  1. uh I walked 24km from Ngee Ann to Hougang as well,
    okay maybe 22km.

    but I don’t feel like walking anywhere beyond say, 300m.

    and your closet looks smashing!
    like a store.

  2. @riko:
    I belong to the rare-breed with genuine low immunity systems! 8D

    Haha, I believe we walked longer than that during our journey to the north though. I BET YOU LOST WEIGHT AFTERWARDS! See, aren’t you glad? 8D *nods* We should do it again sometime.

    Hah, I wish I get new stocks automagically =(

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