Mellow Yellow

So I was watching Incredible Hulk today but only realized it during the end where there were lots of green muscle, debris and explosions going on on screen because I was too busy gazing at Liv Tyler every other time, lol.

I’ve more or less got a week left before NS resumes.
Sucks hard. No way in hell am I getting stay-in.


2 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow

  1. “Cue annoying tune from miss congeniality”

    I got my stay ouuut
    you want my stay ouuut
    I got my clerk jooob
    you want my clerk jooob
    I got 2 hour lunches
    you want my 2 hour lunches
    you might get riflemaaan
    i won’t get riflemaaan

    Anyways long time no see dude…
    SMS me your i/c number and maybe i can find out what your vocation is. I made friends with one of the senior clerks and now have access to lots and lots of personnel files <_<

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