So I finally got around to watching Kung Fu Panda.

I’d love to watch it again! That’s the thing with good movies. I’m always tempted to watch them again, because it really is true how you notice so much more with each run. The one lesson I’ve kept to heart from film school I suppose, haha.

As I was playing through MGS4 again, a revelation came to me.



See he has got the whole bandanna, eye-patch, facial hair and gruffy voice going on. Then when he’s not out there kicking ass with his array of firearms he’s sneaking around in his OctoCamo like some ninja.

Or partaking in quirky habits.

Do you feel it?!

Makes for a great lead character then, hah.
But the Metal Gear Solid series have never failed to disappoint. I bought my very first PlayStation when I saw the very first MGS1. Never looked back since.

MGS4 is also cool in that you can mess around during the intermission cutscenes, like using the Mark II to follow Sunny around. You could even watch her via CCTVs in the game menu. Call it the PedoCam if you will, haha.

Since I’m onto gaming, I might as well touch on Pokemon.
I swear… If they make an effort to move away from their handhelds and onto consoles (read=PS3) I’d so totally jump on it.

I have no idea why.
It’s like they have some supernatural hold on me. Guess it’s pretty funny. Growing up with it had a thing to do with it too I suppose, haha.

…Then when the novelty wears off in a day or so I’d be bored of it and move back to better things.

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