Behind Closed Doors

If I had absolute freedom, financially-wise and all, what I’d do now would be to buy a Nikon D200, some backpack, a Mac Pro and go drift around the world.

Not traveling mind you, oh no, that’s a different thing.

Nothing like a journey full of discovery.

Anyway in some update, I’ve been selected to be MP. My new camp for the next 3 months of stay-in would be at Mowbray, which is near Yew Tee. I had no idea where that is until I saw Choa Chu Kang road along the map, haha. At least I’ll be staying on mainland Singapore.

So upon Daryl’s suggestion after watching Kung Fu Panda, I went to go and find Dr Seuss’ Horton Finds A Who! The movie simply owns. Hilarious with great dialogue, story and production!

I never caught the movie when it was shown locally because when I was young, I found Dr Seuss’ characters to be bloody scary. I don’t know why. I happily watched Aliens or Poltergeist but give me a Dr Seuss picture book and I’d freak the hell out.

Guess it carried on since young, so I made a point to avoid the movie.

Big mistake!
I’m going to watch it again now, haha.

I wanna catch GetSmart! next~


3 thoughts on “Behind Closed Doors

  1. Get Smart is an awesome show, I just caught it a few hours ago with J.
    it’s fantastic, I love Anne Hathaway (and her boobs).

    and that built man, omg.

    the whole show is fantastic lah.

  2. Yeah I wanna catch it!
    But guess I’ll catch Hancock with the gang then maybe see if anybody’s interested for Get Smart, haha.

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