I woke up today feeling better so decided to do something happy.
Like making pancakes!

I had no bananas or strawberries though. (I’d buy them but nope, I’m poor) Settled for plain ol’ simple ones. Along the way I got reminded of Sunny from MGS4, so decided to shape them like a sun.
It turned out… pretty decent I guess? Haha.

I have no camera (I refuse to use my phone) so I can’t show you my Suncakes. Maybe next time~

During my travels yesterday, I came across something very amusing. So there we were, my party and I, strolling down the aisles when lo and behold! Hilarity!

Press my hoof and I’ll WHAAAAA-

It carried on with it’s headbanging for more than a minute, to some tune I couldn’t make out.
Makes you wonder who on earth make these things.


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