Omg whut time hax!


This weekend passed by so fast!
Came home, unpacked, met up for supper, sleep!
Then Saturday was spent with the guys (well, only two of them really) watching movies, buying books and CDs.

Yes I finally bought a book to start reading again.
No I didn’t buy any of those game-related novels because I ultimately found them too geeky for my taste. I did buy a fiction about the Crusades though! Shall review it briefly when I’m done with it :D

I couldn’t find the CD I wanted, so ended up getting Jack Johnson’s latest album. Good stuff as usual. And I like how it’s recorded using 100% solar energy, haha.

I’m pretty much rushing for time as I write this.

In fact I should hit publish and head out the door right now ._.

Ahhh, come to me soon, next weekend!

It’s funny how this habit’s on and off. I should prolly’ just quit once and for all.


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