If Only I Could Blog Over The Weekdays

If there’s anything that the army likes to do, it’s tearing you away from your new-found friends and dumping you into your new sub-unit.

Sigh. Things were getting really comfortable too. No matter. Let’s see me suffer for the next month! Lol.

I’m waiting for my shipment of BDs to arrive sometime next week. Can’t wait to watch them! Sure would love to see Sleepy Hollow since it’s been so long since it screened.

I remember a couple of posts back I mentioned talking about heading to Philips. It turns out the trip didn’t end badly. I came home with a spanking new audio system :D

See, times like these I want a camera.

I haven’t set it up yet though, waiting to get mah new TV and some shelves then I can get my movie/gaming wall up.


Some of the dogs over at Dog Wing are cute, especially the Golden Retriever. I’m starting to see the appeal in them, haha. I still believe I’ll get a cat first though.

Kitty go mew.


2 thoughts on “If Only I Could Blog Over The Weekdays

  1. how much did the audio system cost, yo?
    and you said before year ends, you would get your camera, right!

    oei, cats are sinistral, dogs are lovely.


  2. Only had to top up $150 or so :D

    Yup am most definitely am! Must take photos. Cos then I can put pictures here when I have lack of things to say.

    Where got. Just stare at their faces! Those intelligent eyes. The soft whiskers. The pink nose. Etc.

    But yah I’d get a dog too.

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