So I’m into my fifth book since I’ve started reading again. Currently flipping through Stephen King’s Cell which has been an awesome read so far. Mainly because it’s like a zombie flick that explains itself quite well. I remember the last zombie-related book I read being World War Z. I need to buy that book for keepsake.

Who doesn’t like reading about zombies crushing human civilization?

Well after coming this far, I’ve noticed that I’m a sucker for storytelling. I love books. I love movies (that have a plot… well ok with the exception of 300). I greatly enjoy games with a rewarding storyline. And then there’s anime (…ok so there might be other reasons too but that’s not the point).

I think that’s the reason why I went to NP to study. I couldn’t fully explain beyond “duhhhh I love mooveeees” and quoting off-hand a few favorite titles of mine when I sat for the interview, but I believe I have a stronger grasp of my interests now. It even explains why I wanted to become a video editor over the other available posts — to have a major contribution to the storytelling.

There are so many things I want to learn and do with regards to this field, just that there isn’t a lot of time and money for me to do so. Here’s hoping that next year I can begin my night-time courses already.

So later on this week I’ll be accomplishing a few other stuff in my Big Toys list. I’d be ordering my Jipunese handphone and a camera later in the year. Mah new TV might be coming, or early next year so I can start watching my Blu Ray movies the way I want to. Gonna collect V For Vendetta and Sleepy Hollow later on at Serangoon Gardens :D

I’m sure people would ask me to redirect my funds to another purpose, like saving up for my laptop and courses, but I currently do not enjoy what I deem to be the finer things in life, so hey, I’m entitled to it.

Durr doing research for my new phone now~


One thought on “Spines

  1. honestly, I think this is the most intelligent entry in your entire blog so far.
    it’s like, you make perfect sense from start to end.
    okay maybe not perfect sense, but sensible enough.

    don’t forget you gotta get a camera! :D

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