Going through the manual, it seems like I’d be busy spending my next weekend customising my phone. I doubt I’d go as far as editing the menu and navigation itself. It sounds really appealing but I don’t have the time.

I haven’t gotten myself a microSD card yet so I can’t transfer peektures to my PC to upload them. Pretty fun though. Not everyday you get to do a focus-lock before taking a picture on your handphone. Now if only there was optical zoom, haha.

Kinda injured my right thumb and wrist. No, it’s not a result of sexual misadventure. Being on the PC is like a chore right now. Using the mouse and typing is a little uncomfortable. Lately I’ve also become aware of just how bloody bright my monitor is. It’s like it’s trying to burn holes in my retina. Which it most likely is anyway. No wants to go blind =(

Catched Bangkok Dangerous on Friday night (yes I went back to camp past midnight). A pretty typical Thai movie really, but not bad at all. Surprisingly enough I’ve yet to watch Wall-e or Star Wars. You can start posting “WTF” comments now. Hopefully I eventually do get to see them in theaters =/

Speaking of movies I suddenly have this urge to watch The Matrix Trilogy. Shall wait until my TV arrives and when I get them on BD. Or rent the DVDs.

One more week before I pass out from my current course. Much yay. Now to wonder where I’d end up in.

Add-on: Glanced through TokyoT’s torrents after… what, two months? Is it just me or is there like no new anime going round? Or perhaps it’s just me D:


3 thoughts on “Docomodake

  1. eh eh, I’m here to remind you (again) to save up for your camera!
    lest you get sidetracked.

    anyway ah, I watched Bangkok Dangerous too.
    I actually teared when Charlie cried cos she found out he’s an assasin, wtf.

    I think the movie is good lah,
    by the way,
    that girl damn hot, the dancer /stripper,
    who got together with Nicholas’s assistant.

    aiyo I just don’t remember names.

  2. @Amanda:
    Haha yes I’m saving up for it now! Feeling the financial pinch though.
    Yeah the movie wasn’t bad right! Quite a lot of people hesitant over watching it, dunno why D:

    Oh that doe-eyed girl? She got strip meh? Haha.

    I hear it wasn’t good, so shall stay clear of it, haha :X

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