Song For You

Nikki’s down with the flu =/
Still she won’t keep still for a photo. I don’t think gray blurs would be interesting to look at. Video on request though! Not too interesting but hey.

So as compensation I give you… other photos!
Albeit not much. I was too busy having epic mind battles with myself over… wait for it… wait for it… cue cliche drum roll and air of expectancy!… over what to buy (.A.)

Cold and yummy!

Headed down to Suki Sushi @Cineleisure today afternoon with Sean to celebrate Ken’s upcoming doom in OCS. It’s been ages since I ate sushi and you know what, I’m not all that crazy over it. I found myself obsessing over the potato croquettes and other entrees on the same page instead.

No desserts were available for order, which didn’t come as much of a surprise. Lately all these Japanese chains don’t seem to have desserts. I have no idea why! I’m SO going to Swensons a dessert store the next time.

Thank God for the custard puff then! It was my only solace.

Happily wandered over to HMV and long story short, after a headache-inducing, wallet-lightening trip round the store, I went and bought:

Does it come with the girl too?

The visit through the Asian section reignited my J-music interest! So my music library will be expanding once again. Saw Metallica’s new album too. Previewed the album for a bit, all I can say is that I’m happy they trashed the whole St.Anger style. It was pure crap :D That’s two CDs. Not including my Eengleesh one D:

Hong gan.

Oh because of the ads in papers quite some time back I got to know about MISIA. I missed her concert (just like I missed SMV yesterday…) She’s pretty awesome. Vocal range epix!

And it’s a live! performance! (*A*)

OK shall end random entry hyar. Be thanking you.

Confucius say, Passionate kiss like spider’s web, soon lead to undoing of fly.


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