Die In A Fire

So I’m doing one of my seasonly massive room-cleanups, this time on a larger scale than the previous one. As I went through my upper-cupboard compartment, I smelled that acidic ant thing.

…fucking infestation.

Not termites, no just your regular small ants. They got my entire collection of books. That I kept because I happen to bloody love them.

Grand-uncle’s stamp collection dated 1950s?

Series of better Tom Clancy novels?

Eric van Lustbader’s fantasy trilogy?

Lord of the Rings trilogy?

Harry Potter 1-5?

I haven’t started on the files choked full of documents yet.
What they’re filled with, I can’t recall.

I wish I had a flamer filled to the brim with promethium blessed in the God-Emperor’s name.
Ka ni nao nya…

Here’s hoping the end result of my cleaning brightens up the day.


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