Shut Up And Let Me Go

I can now watch porn in high definition!

Hahaha, I kid.

Listening: Shut Up And Let Me Go by The Ting Tings

There’s lots of empty space on the wall where my PC is, ’cause that’s where I’d be putting up posters and photos. I’m still thinking of what theme and adhesive to use though.

Gaming/Movie-side wise I’m still left with setting up surround sound.

My room makeover is thus now left with items such as more red side chairs, mats, a leg stool or two, full-length mirror, wall shelves etc. Time to raid IKEA!

I’ll take this at a slower rate though, most likely from next year onwards since now my camera has at last, moved up to take first place.

So if you ever need a private place to watch movies… =D

EA really went out of their way with Red Alert 3!

Saucy videos aside, the game does look pretty and all but I doubt I’d get it. I’ve never really been a fan of C&C aside from Generals. RTS-wise I’m looking forward to StarCraft II and Dawn of War II. I’ve yet to try out World In Conflict as well. Pretty nuclear explosions please.

And yes, my WoW has come to a halt. Because it really takes up too much of my time. At most I’d just play on private servers to mess around with end-game content.

To add-on to my sudden craving to watch The Matrix Trilogy, here’s some other stuff in order of desire to satiate your curiosity! I’m weird I know.

(1) Whisky
(2) Pizza
(3) Theme Park
(4) Whatever sinful desert with banana in it

Ponder of the day:

I receive YouTube links whenever I’m online on an average of 5-7 links. That’s just me and I’m not a heavy user myself. Very interested in seeing how much incoming traffic they receive. Then think about the money!


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