Time No Enough

Kill a thousand men and they will hate you. Kill a million men and they will queue to face you. But kill a single man and they will see monsters and devils in every shadow. Kill a dozen men and they will scream and wail in the night, and they shall feel not hatred, but fear.

Listening: Who Did You Think I Was? by John Mayer [Listen!]

Deleted the other two pages and came up with a wishlist!
Now what decent online journal would be complete without a wishlist?
None I tell you, none!
So there you go. More for my own entertainment really, as always when it comes to these sort of things.

This week has been exhausting. Exemplified by how I’m putting up only a single entry. NS sucks. So I apologize for having no photos. Really, honest to the Golden Throne, I was and still am tired.

So random pictures :D

In some updates, the cat population in my household has quadrupled. All adopted. I now apparently have a female American Curl assigned to my bedroom, on the pretext that it shares the same birthday as me. It is also pretty shy, so being in my room away from all the activity outside isn’t a bad thing.

Her name’s Rainbow and she only responds (somewhat) to it. Kinda weird, but I’ll get used to it I suppose.

I’m going to have trouble bonding with her though, seeing how I’m in NS =_=
I also never adopted a cat prior to this because things aren’t ready. They still aren’t. So the situation isn’t how I’d like them to be but what to do.

Suck thumb.

The other two additions are kitten siblings. Not very sure what their breeds are yet.
Nikki, the first one, is a British Shorthair by the way.

Shall post up pictures and videos when I have more usable material. The kittens are especially hard to get a hold of, so hopefully next week.


I catched Spirited Away again yesterday and fully realized that it’s truly a masterpiece. I knew Chihiro was based on a real then-ten-year-old-girl but Miyazaki-san captured her character beautifully. Must grab my paws on a copy of the DVD or BD if it surfaces.

After watching Joan of Arc (I rented the wrong one but that’s a different story…) I’ve also come to realize that girls with short hair are win if it’s pulled off correctly. I notice they’re usually associated with strong personalities. Would ‘feisy’ be the correct term to use? Anyway… yeah. Shall rent the proper one next week. Mila Jokovich plzkthxbye. I remember it being a good show too, so she’s not the only reason.

Taxi Driver was rented out so I grabbed The Godfather instead. Never seen it before. Or maybe I have but was too young to remember or care. Whatever the case, shall go watch it later on. There surely must be a reason why it’s so highly regarded.

Hence I shall now head to the cinema only when the movie’s worth watching.
Seriously. That $10 could be better off spent elsewhere compared to 1~2 hours of blah.

After watching shows like Spirited Away, Grave of the Fireflies and it’s brethren, regular TV anime is dying from my life. Simply because most shows are so formulaic. I shall wait for the next exceptional one. Only Time of Eve has captured my attention, but that’s an OVA series. So that’s like… one anime. All my other videos are tv series D:

I realize I haven’t watched Gossip Girl yet, lol.
Then again my fascination for that show depends on mood. Maybe I’ll put it in my phone.



I want to cry.
Beg. Steal. Borrow.
Sounds so tempting, haha.

Post is approaching long-winded and I shall not bore you with my fanboyism.
Simply because it should be shared in the moment with other gamers :D



3 thoughts on “Time No Enough

  1. Kitty piccies please and thank you :P

    while at ur wordpress, i also decided to check if my gravatar or whatever shit it’s called works :D

  2. @Geri:
    I have given up trying to take photos these past few weeks. By the time the picture snaps they’ve moved off already, especially the kittens!

    I need a real camera ;_;

    And omg what on earth is this gravatar thing.

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