The Club

One popular misconception—or those of pandas—is that English language clubs are geeky. While this could be true for a number of cases, the one I belonged to was far from it. That’s no surprise, since if a person of my caliber were to join a club, it would have to be awesome.

And ELC was awesome.

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(No camera to take pics to post up)

When one thinks of English clubs, one might be inclined to picture a group of bespectacled individuals seated around a table in a room: being hysterical over grammatical mistakes in last test’s comprehension text or indulging in personal vocabulary challenges.

“May I direct your attention to paragraph 4, line 3?”
*some silence*
“My God!”
“This is appalling! What has the world come to…?”
“Horrid! Terrible! Dreadful! Ghastly! Hideous! Awful! …ugh, only five synonyms? I must assign myself to tonight’s thesaurus-reading session…”
“Elaine’s fainted! S-someone get some water!”
“Why?! Sweet lords of articles, why?!”
“Gentlemen… ladies… please! Calm yourselves, we must address this issue.”
*noise dies down; faint sobbing in the background*
“Now I understand the severity of this situation, but we must be composed if we are to tackle this problem. The incorrect usage of ‘an’ preceding ‘unicorn’. What foul abomination gave birth to such atrocity is beyond the likes of you and me. All that matters is that it has happened and that we must do all we can in our power to remedy it.”

Well whatever. You get the point.

Instead, we came up with and rehearsed performances. We battled in inter-school debates (I had the honor of looking important and being supportive amongst the floor). We messed around in the club room. We took part in overnight camps in school. We performed Beijing Opera in school and in Victoria Theater.

Listing everything down and going into detail would get a little bland and tiresome. It wasn’t so much a matter of what I did, but who I did what with.

But seriously!

I don’t think geeks go around playing water-bomb fights at night in school, doing a rugby scrum on a sloped road and rolling down said slope, or jamming out loud to Sum 41 and The*Ataris.

Fun times.

The post feels truncated and could do with some more thought and rewriting, but I just spent the better half of the morning getting my PC to work again and have other things to do.

Once I get my new phone in the middle of next year there would be more entries, since I’d just post it up while in camp.

In more random stuff whooo Call of Duty: World at War!


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