A Decade

Congratulations! You have reached level 20!
+3 Strength
+1 Agility
+5 Intellect
+2 Stamina

Your [Nice Looking Clothes] proficiency went up by 100.
Your [Awesomeness] went over 9000.
Your [Financial Management] increased marginally.

You are afflicted with [Still In NS].
You lose 10 morale.

Ok enough with the geeky RPG. It’s not my birthday yet actually, but I’ll be in camp when it happens (depressing really) so here’s an advance entry. Think of it as New Year’s Party or something. You start celebrating before, countdown to midnight then you really party.

Just that there’s no party.
But there will be for when I turn 21. I don’t care. Your government won’t stop me!
*wields Guy Fawkes mask and a birthday cake*

Listening: Voodoo Child (Slight Return) by Jimmy Hendrix Experience [Listen!]

I’m still listening to Attraction by Paris Combo but this song fits the post better. ‘Cause that’s what Jimmy taught the world. The guitar isn’t about technicalities or about how fast you can pull a riff; it’s all about feel

I’m deviating a lot huh?
OK. You can probably guess by now this is a lengthy post. I’ll begin with a time-line!
(This is where you act excited.)

Age 09
-Best friend shifts to new house and transfers school. Known her for 6 years at that time.
-Discovers pornography. (He still remembers the first scene.)
-Fights with bully.
-Fascination with stealth and infiltration peaks. Spent many days honing his skills.

Age 10
-Learns truancy.
-Falls in love with Metal Gear Solid. Got a PlayStation.
-Visits LAN gaming shop and plays Counter-Strike. (Proud to say that he tactically used flashbangs compared to the rest of the idiots.)
-Starts failing Mathematics and Malay Language.
-Stops cycling (and proceeds to forget how to).
-“I wanna be the very best, no one ever was, DUN DUN DUNDUN” Pokemon fever.

Age 11
-Discovers music. Buys his first CD.
-Buys Pokemon deck. First and last trading card game. Also, first expenditure over $50.
-Scores decently for PSLE.
-Moves to Hougang.
-Begins wearing black. Way too excessively.
-Discovers Final Fantasy.
-Created his hotmail address. (8 years running!)

Age 12
-Joins Concert Band due to lack of CCA interest. (Learns later that he loves music.)
-Begins a streak of making non-Malay friends.
-First crush (Chinese, NPCC cadet and a prefect? Interesting.)
-First game of paintball in Batam. Declares it to be the only sport he’ll ever take part in.
-Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty

Age 13
-Gets his PlayStation 2.
-Book reading declines rapidly.
-Introduced to and begins downloading anime, beginning with Chrno Crusade (Watched anime in Pri.5 but wasn’t that big an interest then.)

Age 14
-Meets his best mates.
-First favorite band: Metallica
-Starts playing guitar.
-Forms rock band.
-Joins English Language Club (Hell jyeah!)
-Begins failing Mathematics and Design & Technology badly.
-Abandons hope for Malay Language.
-First blog.
-Delves into online world. Exposed to… a lot of things.
-Superiority complex. Wages HOTs v. LOTs war.

Age 15
-Takes a private tutor with Ken for Mathematics.
-Forges closer bond with his “sister”.
-Rock band expanded, changed members, interviewed, performed and finally disbanded due to conflicting interests.
-Full-blown Otaku
-Buys anime figures
-Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater
-Scrapes past ‘O’ levels
-Discovers Full Metal Panic series.

Age 16
-First and only F&B job.
-Stopped playing guitar (and proceeds to forget how to).
-Interest in art, film and music manifest in form of poly course.
-Suffers severe misdirection with his appearance. (My gawd, the hair.)
-Azumanga Daioh.
-Tries out cosplay (reason why continues to escape him)
-Meets more friends.
-Falls in love.
-Kitty! Finds out he’s more of a cat person.

Age 17
-Plays World of Warcraft.
-Stops playing WoW.
-Fascination with Metallica ends. Music tastes broadens massively.
-Discovers more about himself. Ends up very confused.
-Finds out he’s a perfectionist when it comes to work, stresses out too much and eventually hands up half-hearted assignments.
-Goes on a spiritual journey and explores popular religions. Believes in his own version of faith.
-Begins low-profile life.
-Expelled from poly.

Age 18
-Deteriorates into a hikkikomori. Loses touch with world for a couple of months, all of which a hazy blur.
-Resumes life and begins to work.
-Alcohol and tobacco.
-Anime interest slowly dies. Stopped buying figures.
-Sense of fashion is born. (Year 2010 full makeover rawr!)
(Honestly can’t recall much else.)

Age 19
-Stops drinking and smoking.
Buys his PlayStation 3.
-Enlists into army. {string of Hokkien profanities here}
-Army life sucks. Wants to ORD. Blah blah.
-First “arrow-through-the-heart”.
-Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots.
-Picks up reading again.
-Becomes a Warhammer:40k fan.
-Gets cats in his household. Five of them.
-Fulfills his home entertainment vision. (Other expensive plans ahoy…)
-Escapes his melodrama and becomes awesome, but is held back by army.

There are some things I know I can’t recall immediately but the time-line is damn long as it is already. Anyway turning twenty is gonna be a personal benchmark for me. The past couple of years have been paved wth regret and it’s weighed me down a lot. But tonight I burn my bridges.

Tonight I move on.

(And then book in to camp tomorrow morning. Wtf. Mood spoiler much?)

Well as for a party, I’m only hosting one for my 21st. Seriously. Like, with entertainment and food and drinks. Omg and people. The details I’d have to fret over later in the year though, after I’m done with next year’s National Day Parade training.

Of course I’d have to think about the money. I’ve been thinking of alternative income sources lately, but there’s not a lot of options open to me right now.

Anyway some pics of today. Not much but something amongst this chunk of text eh. I was busy playing Call of Duty:World at War (NAZI ZOMBIES!) with Daryl so didn’t bother much.

I succeeded in looking like a cake addict! Not cool

I look like a cake addict

We liek cake

We liek cake

Im normally not a fan of sponge cake but this is nice, though a bit too rich

I'm normally not a fan of sponge cake but this is nice, though a bit too rich

Rainbow, who shares the same birthday as me

Rainbow, who shares the same birthday as me

Daryl made a great add-on to one of my earlier posts about ELC. If you want pictures and evidence, I kindly point you to his blog entry. It’s currently featuring one of the songs our band back then covered. We all did look different, haha.

This post borders dangerously on the “obscenely long” category. I’ll keep to topic this time and shall end it here.

To all my friends, just want to thank you people for all the times had. I’m not famous for expressing myself, so there it is. Haha. But really, I appreciate everything.


Sorry I couldn’t help it XD

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