Rehatkan diri



Watched Bolt last night. It was great. Fanatical hamsters for the win.

So I just got back from parade. Haven’t made my contacts yet so I was doing the whole thing half-blind, haha. Was an interesting experience. Pretty glam.

Of course me being me I’d want to re-tailor the uniform so it’d fit me better but I think that’s not really allowed. Nonetheless it is nice and beats wearing the camouflaged one.

I’ve come to realize I’m not much of a night-life person. Sure I’m awake and all but it’s not like I’m outside. More or less I’m at home in my room watching movies or serials, playing games, reading up stuff or whatever. Hey I get to save money too, so it’s not all that bad.

Yay that tomorrow’s a holiday :D

I shall delve into why World of Warcraft is still my MMO of choice. I’m pretty sure the only person who’d read it would be me but the “Gaming” section needs something new for once.

Anybody know of a non-camera QWERTY phone that has WiFi and 3.5G connectivity?
I need something to use in camp. Funny how this won’t be the phone I’m saving up for. Maybe this desire would fade away ._.


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