Taste of Freedom

So I’m on off today but turns out I have guard duty tonight, lol.

It’s pretty awesome waking up at home for a couple of days straight. Been so long. Good gawd I want to ORD already yet it’s barely been a year. Anyway as for that why-WoW-wins post I’ll leave it to this weekend. Been too busy yesterday watching Ratatouille and all.

Will be heading down to Orchard to finally get my next W40K book, sometime this Friday. Going to settle for either The Saint or Eisenhorn, both of which are omnibuses (value for moneh!) and written by Dan Abnett (my favourite author of the lot). So help me but the models are so tempting. I can imagine a glass-display of a battleground diorama filled with humanity against heretics, mutants and aliens. If I ever got one commissioned, I think I’d settle for one where the forces of Chaos breached Terra and The Golden Emperor faced off with Horus.

…oh wait, nobody’s probably going to understand any of that.

Thankfully I’ve got rid of that notion of getting a smartphone. A quick reality check promptly snuffed the idea, haha. I tend to forget that my pay, or “allowance” as we servicemen love to put it, doesn’t cross beyond 4 digits.

My literary interests have also discovered new content! Well not entirely new since I first read them when I was like thirteen or so… but yeah I found them again. I avoided them since I’ve had too many a share of horrible pieces but I’ve recently come across a few interesting ones.

I played some free Asian MMORPG (reasons behind the distinction in my upcoming WoW post =A=) and noticed that a number of local players in the region need to stop naming their characters after people or stuff. To the point where it becomes so ridiculous that they misspell it simply because the original was already taken. Sure some are kinda cute, especially when they manage to take all the members in a band and form a party but still… Have some sense of identity for crying out loud.


Umm yeah ok. Aimless post. Just basking in my free time, perhaps a little too much.

Before I go I geeb you teaser trailer for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves!
Cue maniacal glee.

Because wordpress is a little restrictive in embedded content, clicky me.

Update: Or how about awesome advertising for RESIDENT EVIL 5?!


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