The lifeless body lay slumped over the desk, his face planted onto the keyboard. An eerie coldness permeated the room and a sheen of ice coated the walls. Pale light filtered through the drawn curtains. It hung perfectly still. Lifeless. The room was lifeless.

As if to counter the fact, a deep seismic rumble seized the room. Icicles dropped off the ceiling, their soft tinkling lost amongst the clattering of heavier objects. A half-full mug of frozen water rocked off the desk and shattered on the floor. Books stiff with frost tumbled off their racks. The body slid off its chair into a kneeling position then leaned back as far as its joints permitted.

Its face was a mask of frozen terror. Dark, sunken eyes, pupil-less and black as the void stared in mute horror at whatever it last saw. The skin was pockmarked with tiny puncture wounds, as if a hundred needles had been plunged there. A pentagrammic eye was marked on the forehead in blood and runes splayed down either side of them as if they were tears. Complex patterns ringed the crown of the head, its shape indiscernible and headache-inducing.

The room now shook with a violent malice and gusts of deafening, chilly air engulfed it. Despite all the activity, the body lay motionless.

Trickles of blood began to flow from its forehead and down into its hair, dying it a tint of crimson red. Two nubs, the source of the blood, swelled with alarming speed and suddenly exploded in a welter of blood and gore. Horns, a pair of slick, ebony horns sprouted out, curling inwards towards each other until the tips barely touched each other just above the top of its head.

The markings on its face glowed with fire and seared themselves into the skin. Another explosion of blood. A long, bony segmented-tail lashed out between its legs, the tip of it a sickle-shaped spear. By the time its tail had fully extended, its skull had already stretched and remoulded into an inverse triangle shape. Canines poked out of its lips, which were now locked in a grin.

Slowly, the body rose into the air, suspended just a metre off the ground. As it turned round, membranous wings, claw-tipped and bat-like, pushed out of its back.

The demon, for that was what it had to be, basked in the visceral horror of its birth before it was swathed in white light, as bright as a dying star.

The temperature had dropped below-freezing and great blocks of ice were now forming in the corners of the room, but flickering blue fires blazed at the feet of the demon. The roar of the wind seemed to carry with it the howls and cries of agonised souls. The white light, blinding and seething with evil, continued to grew in intensity.

When it started to feel as if it would burn-out retinas and scar the fabric of space, it faded away as quickly as it had started.

There, in its full, unholy glorious form, the demon stretched its wings to the their full span. In one of its clawed hands it grasped a strange trinket, shaped like a smooth, sculpted pebble of different colors.

“Alas… I walk the planes of this dimension once more. Alas… I am reborn!”

The great demon, with a flick of it’s free hand, called forth a throne of skulls that erupted from beneath the tiled floor. As the creature rested against the throne’s high back, soaking up the blood of millions that flowed freely from the skulls, it connected the mouse to the computer and logged on to


Yeeeeeeah I apologise for not having updated in a while, simply because my PC died and needed a new graphic card. What took so long, you ask? Well it’s under warranty so I had it sent-in for repairs. You all know how that goes.

So now I’m back in business!

Once again, sorry for leaving you all to fend for yourselves without the gift that is my blog. My awesomeness now freely flows through the interwebs.

Shall post something over the weekend. And please, don’t be a cock and pronounce the movie Ip Man as eye-pee man. It’s eep mun. Hell the poster says so itself. We’re not watching a martial-arts-inclined fellow fight for intellectual property in pre-WWII China, kthx.


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