A Sunday Afternoon

Couldnt find the pic of her in the red and black coat

Couldn't find the pic of her in the red and black coat

So uhh… Zooey’s terribly cute in her recent movie Yes Man. Makes me want to go rent Elf and rewatch Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy, hahaha.

I know I know she looks like Katy Perry, but I’m of the opinion that Deschanel’s been around longer. Besides, her music sounds different too. Nice to note that there are no electric instruments in it.

Title: Sweet Darlin’
By: She & Him (Zooey Deschanel and M. Ward)

I believe she’s the second actress I’ve actually pored over, next to Liv Tyler.

OK so I’m about to finish reading Eisenhorn by Dan Abnett, which has turned out to be an epic read so far. If anybody wanted a W40K book to be introduced to, I think this would be the one.

The pages are bound with awesome

The pages are bound with awesome

I freely admit that Black Library has got to do something about their editing: the errors, although small, are simply unforgivable. Still it shouldn’t stop one from reading it. It’s written in a first-person narrative, so you’re locked onto a single character all the way but Abnett makes it work.

I’m torn between getting the third omnibus installment for Gaunt’s Ghosts, the first two books of the Horus Heresy series or Titanicus. I’d get Ravenor but three books are out already so I’m just waiting for the omnibus.

Would also have to get World War Z. I’ve mentioned it ages ago, in one of my previous blogs I believe. It’s not a narrative so it might put some off the very factual and documentary-style approach, but it gives an eerie insight into plausible real-world scenarios.

How would you fend off a zombie invasion has and forever will be a topic I’d craze over. So many situations and possibilities, what works best, what would you be prepared to do. Human nature to fascinate over survival, efficiency and violence I suppose.

I’m really tempted to go buy a second-hand Nokia e61. If there’s no buyer by tonight, I’m so jumping all over it tomorrow. What the hell for? For the QWERTY keyboard and Wi-Fi access basically. I can also then be able to utilize my data plan in camp once I subscribe to it in the later-half of the year, provided Apple tosses us an improved iPhone and not just an iPhone Nano, if what I hear is correct.

Still trying to find a job though it’s proven fruitless so far. Nothing’s just flexible enough to accommodate my needs. I have no wish to be tied down to a job when weekends are so precious. Playing around with a few ideas but I know they’d be hard to pull off, without capital especially.

Woe betide me. I want the money to go get my camera. It’s not fun using my imagination all the time…
And it’s harder without a normal, civilian job to get it done. Saving up for the PS3 and my HTS was much easier back then.

Ah well.

Now that everyone’s leaving the comfort of their carefree teenage lives, thinking of the future has been like a pastime. I feel so bloody old. But I don’t really want to think beyond getting my diploma(s) first. Planning out your life so way ahead doesn’t leave room for surprises or doing the things you want and enjoying yourself.

Sure unwelcome surprises aren’t fun to deal with; just have to be prepared for it.

Due to the bugging of my friends, I’ve gotten a new mouse and pad. Fair enough since the old one really was just dying out (the scroll wheel my god) and that I had just replaced my keyboard, which turned out to be thankfully cheap; plus points of not being a PC gamer. Well yeah a Razer’s a gaming mice but it’s designed for clicking, something I do a lot. I indulge in MMOs every now and then anyway.

I’ve been watching this one anime. Exceedingly vulgar but also insanely hilarious. Detroit Metal City. I listen to both metal and pop so it adds to the effect. Expect to hear the words “kill, rape and murder” a lot.

New Year’s approaching soon, gonna have a post for that. Hope everyone has/had a great time during this festive period!


2 thoughts on “A Sunday Afternoon

    • @Manda-manda:
      Care to explain why? XD
      Though I admit I hate the song Hot N Cold now. Overplayed to hell on the radio. And I’d still pick Zooey over her anyday, lewl

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