Helloooo 2009!

Wise man

Wise man


[Listening: MESSAGE by Immigrant’s Bossa Band. Hear me!]

Since I’m one of the lucky few individuals doing guard duty on New Year’s Eve—*composes himself*— I’ve decided to put up an entry in advance for my beloved readers.

Yes that’s you, cue “awww” voiceover.

Now, ever since I’ve sold off my dear Sharp phone, I’ve been left camera-less, meaning I can’t share any pictures. If I could upload them using… I dunno… Mindtooth straight to the PC I would but alas, modern technology has been left wanting. But I wish I could show you the snack I’m munching on. It’s basically Meiji plain crackers, using Philadelphia cream cheese topped with Italian herbs as a dip. Awesome stuff. The cheese helps to fill you up too, provided you go easy on them.

…ok so some of you may have been way ahead in such departments, excuse me while I bask in my discovery.

Meanwhile, here are two comic strips from Penny-Arcade. Yay?

Clicky to visit the site!

Clicky to visit the site!

2008 draws to a close and I can say I have very mixed feelings for it, but overall I’m glad that:

(Bee) Personal enlightenment
(See) Reestablished stronger ties with friends
(Dee) Home Theater System!
(Eee) Warhammer fan convert
(Efff) Bunch of other stuff

I know this general happy feeling (which wasn’t the case on Christmas day itself, I have no idea why) would fade once next week begins and army resumes. A taste of what civilian freedom is like; only to be tossed back in for another year. Curses.

Moving on!

With army out of the picture, I’m generally happy how the year turned out. Especially so after my birthday vows and all. I kinda may be breaking one of them through this one particular person, but the past isn’t affecting me with it so hey. Besides, said person makes me smile.

Not gonna dwell on what’s happened. I have blog archives for a reason.

I didn’t really think of resolutions for next year because these sort of things are usually said when drunk. Even if mentioned when sober, they tend to be casually forgotten by April or so and replaced instead by stress and complaints. There are, however, a few things I could address.

Motto of the Year!: Iron Within, Iron Without

I could and probably should start trying to be content with what I do in army (there we go again). Sure compared to most others I’m pretty damn lucky, but I simply don’t enjoy it when it’s being pushed this far. Besides, I’ve hurt my right hand more than enough times. My wrist, thumb and pinky hurt =/ Once I get National Day over and done with things would be pretty smooth sailing though, so yep.

Manage my finances better. I’ve begun tracking my expenses since the start of the month and it’s safe to say that it’s been pretty appalling. I can see where I go wrong. It’s usually when I go out and buy things at a whim. Going to have to show more self-restraint and see how things improve next month! News of it shall be up here of course, haha.

Will need to see if doing something would be a mistake or possibly a very good thing. Don’t want to go into much detail =3=

Grow my music and movie library, get something done about my air-conditioning and pimp up the room some more! Facing comfort issues now. With a bunch of electronics a meter or so away from you and a 32″ TV coupled with the fact that my room isn’t very airy by nature, leads my room into becoming a sauna when there’s three or more people.


And omg, breaking news! This just in ladies and gentlemen:

My guard duty starts at 8AM tomorrow until 8AM Thursday. That… that is correct, I have guard duty for 24 whole hours starting 8AM tomorrow. I will be be bored to death in the morning, spared from my sanity in the afternoon and then counting down with other guys and cups of coffee at night! D-Dear God… this is terrible news indeed, absolutely terrible! I’m afraid this broadcast is going to have to come to an end. Please… remain calm and party extra hard for me. For me! For meeee—

P.S. Yes I have to go sleep. This was totally unexpected. I thought it’d be at 1pm at the very least. Sigh. Oh I played bingo today! For the first time! Damn fun. I almost won too. But haha, the game leaves you feeling cheated .A.

To a great year ahead… Happy 2009!!

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