Dumping Grounds

Streaming television series off some third-party video hosting site is such a pain.
Especially when there seems to be something up with the connection.
And the player is so gay that you can’t rewind and clicking anywhere on the timeline resets the stream.


Listening: Goodnight Goodnight by Maroon 5
Vodpod videos no longer available.

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I really love tomato sauce.
If I had to live with only one sauce my entire life then it has to be tomato sauce.
It is made of purée awesome. Haha. Get it? purée? Awesome?

…Yeah ok, nevermind.

In that 24-hour guard duty journal that ended up corrupted there were a number of things that I wanted to expand on. Here’s one of them that I’ve managed to remember.

Earlier this week, Sam and I happened to be discussing about dirty public toilets. She mentions how dirty it could be. Then there’s the smell.

Now I’ve always held onto the notion that female restrooms are like downsized dressing rooms. Clean, dry, fragrant, and decked out with all sorts of accessories. Oh and exquisitely silky smooth toilet paper. Because… you know.

The reality turns out to be far from it but I don’t see why it can’t be! It’s not like you have guys with poor penile accuracy blindly spraying all over the seat and floor (and maybe the flush, toilet paper, himself, next cubicle…).

The last time I’ve ever toured such a place was in secondary school and even though we were intrigued by the little vending machine in there, it seemed fairly clean compared to it’s male counterpart. Perhaps public ones are worse?

I’m sure it boils down to individual courtesy. Like keeping the cubicles and floor clean and dry, disposing used tissue and litter.

Then it struck me we’re in Singapore. Lol?

What a sad place we live in.


I really like things being clean but some things are really just a lost cause. Like dust. Pissed off. Every bloody time I swipe down the area I get a new layer there the next frickin’ day I couldn’t be bothered anymore lately. The dust puts off my mood for cleaning the rest of the place too. I’ll make cleaning up a bi-monthly thing, blah.

Goes to show that location is going to play a huge factor in choosing my own place.
Then I’d want to hire a cleaner. Finding the correct one would be a long-drawn process but it’ll pay off.

Lets get some #@%!ra^7&*3 dust!!

Let's get some #@%!ra^7&*3 dust!!

Meh. I’ll go worry about a career and money first.


I leave you with a… pretty horrible thing I found, haha.
We need Krauser II.


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