We’re networking everything it seems.
I’m not that big on the whole social networking thing, it seems more like a chore.

Yes, I know what I’m missing out on. But no, I thrive on avoiding it, lol.


I humbly direct you to my Plurk page. Think of it as a less-cluttered Facebook (which has been collecting dust since oh I dunno) without the mass of pictures (yes I know that’s what makes it popular).

Besides, I find status updating more fun. And I can update while I’m in camp if I don’t feel like blogging. I most likely won’t anyway; typing a post would be pretty strenuous activity on already stressed hands.

I’m also pimping up my e61 with any interesting apps I can find, starting with an instant messenger. Oh yeah, I bought the e61, haha. Hence why I’d be able to go sort of go online in camp? Not all the time though, since I’m using Prepaid so it’s a miserably slow 2G network and chances are I’d be dead tired every now and then.

I guess when it comes to awesome apps and user-friendliness, iPhone wins hands down (this is the best thing I can, ever remember…)

My mind’s pretty whacked I think. Evident from random entry? Y/N?

OK, well go visit plurk yah :D

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