“The world’s a playground. Somewhere along the way everyone forgets it.”

Listening: I Just Wasn’t Made For These Times by Sixpence None The Richer

Happy 21st Justea buddee!

Unfortunate you gotta spend your birthday in the army during BMT man. Confinement period too. But hey, let’s all just get it over and done with yeah? Despite being the nation’s bitch and all, here’s to a great year ahead for you.

Being the media-less dork I am, I happily point you over to Daryl’s blog for photos and much, much more! Real nostalgic.

My torrents have been very gay the past few days. I don’t touch them for a long time and now I’m forced to deal with ridiculously slow speeds, ever since New Year’s Day. Hopefully it picks up over the next few days.

Saw the issues of Exotique and Expose at Kino-Taka today. Think I’ll start collecting them later this year. If I’m to ever own any art books, it’ll be them. I also noticed a few published by Imaginary Friends Studios, nice stuff.

If only there was a disc compilation of really awesome advertisements. I’d be more than happy to purchase those, since I find commercials fun to do if there’s proper vision and direction. I most probably won’t break into working with box-office movies anyway so might as well start referencing good ads.

Vivien and I have discovered that the theaters at Downtown East are a great place to go since it’s pretty empty. More so now that the school holidays are over. Only problem is that it’s a little out of the way from the city. Theaters a little small but not like you need a big place anyway.

Oh at Taka-Kino, also saw this manga about an artist. Gotta’ go check it out, looks interesting from the cover.

Noticed too that Mac has brought their Prosperity burgers back for the upcoming CNY period.
(If anybody needs company for menswear shopping… hey I’m around, lol :D)

It was nice. Really like the black pepper. The experience was too short though. Being just the patty, sauce and onions, it also felt as if it was missing something, though I have no idea what it is.

Im Lovin It

I'm Lovin' It

Well, a little confused now. Will give myself some time to consider things. Chances are I’ll make the jump pretty soon anyway.


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