Like Singaporeans To An Exit

Omg what the fuck was I doing?

Listening: In My Place by Coldplay

Sigh. I, sir, am an idiot.

Anyways, I had great fun today, despite setbacks such as losing $40 out of carelessness and not being able to find Starbucks…
Surprisingly enough, I even went to Snow City; the last place I would have ever gone to in Singapore, given my horrid resilience to cold. Was enjoyable, despite the fact that there wasn’t really any form of snow to speak of and it was a small place.

Butt frostbite seemed interesting too, haha.

I went the day without any food. No, toothpaste does not count. Pretty much left me in a somewhat lethargic stupor towards the end of the day. Now I just want to take a nap.

Got a bunch of things to do, shall just address them tomorrow.

Think I’ll really go hit the bed and humor my thoughts.

As for the title, yeah just came up with it while on the train. Sad but true.


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