Movie Mania

I still don’t liek beer .A.

Listening: 1,2,3,4 by Plain White Ts

So last night I downed a can of Asahi simply because I went “…oh what the hell” at Fairprice and figured to give beer another shot.

Nope. Wrong decision. Bad move. Still don’t like it. Liquor any day.
(42 Below vodka pleez. And maybe some Chivas. And Martell.)

But yeah, knocked out pretty early last night and woke up earlier than I normally do on a Sunday.

Caught up on some movies I missed out on the past couple of weeks, or in Tropic Thunder’s case, movies that I feel asleep mid-way through because it was too late and I was just too damn tired, haha.

I’m a staunch believer in paying for what you enjoy, especially so in these times of piracy and economic downturn, when the creative minds behind the works need the money more than ever. It’s a little hard doing so for movies, but I rent what I can and buy what I love.

People would normally balk at that and tell me to stop being an idiot, since my spending is crazy* and the things I want to buy are way over my pay. But I do what I can.

*January expenses tracking is already underway. Shall see if improvements have been made compared to last month :D

On a slightly related topic, please buy CDs and books! Music- and book-stores are dying out. I’ll take a CD and a discman over a player filled with compressed audio any day. And I’d hold and flip through physical, paper pages than stare into an 3″ LCD screen.

Piracy has its merits, I admit. But like all things, moderation is the magic word! :X

I actually note down all kinds of stuff I want to blog about. You know, for times when I’m eager to write but have nothing in mind and spend an hour idly trying to think of something while I do other stuff..?

Yeah I’ve actually accumulated a lot but shan’t touch on any today. Mind’s still a little blank. It’s been too pre-occupied with other things this weekend and the fact that I’m still in army just surfaced not too long ago, so I’ll go console myself and perhaps watch another movie.

Out of pure necessity, I’ve went ahead and applied for a debit card. Let’s hope it gets approved in time D:
I stand corrected: let’s hope it gets approved at all, haha.

Bunch of pictures for you to look at!

When fetishes get out of hand

When fetishes get out of hand

Osaka meets Apple

Osaka meets Apple

I want good doujins!

I want good doujins!

Build anything!

Build anything!

Huh? Just my imagination.

"Huh? Just my imagination."

Made of epic

Made of epic

) in that pic? Oh no! THIS BLOG IS NOW R21!

What next? Omg is that a :):):):):) in that pic? Oh no! THIS BLOG IS NOW R21!




2 thoughts on “Movie Mania

  1. I is like the manga+anime of the last pic you posted!

    Try mixing half beer, half sprite, pretty good :D Kinda like soda water with an alcohol punch. And you stop spending pls >( (haha, should tell that to myself)

  2. @youismuppet:

    Sweet! Now you can tell what it is, hahaha :x

    Beer mixer? Ehh… no it’s ok. *pokes belly* Shall stick to occasional stuff,

    How can I stop spending! How! HOW!!

    Big boys toys!
    School fees!
    Driving/Riding lessons!
    Saving up for other huge investments!
    …you get the idea DX

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