Note: Aimless talk, nothing interesting to most

This past week I’ve had trouble deciding whether I’d settle for the new iPhone* or one of HTC’s offerings.
They’re both sexy and have awesome interfaces, not to mention molesting their faces thanks to touchscreen.

So I sat down and compared the two and voila.

Apple’s Multi-touch +
HTC’s Touchflo3D –

Apple +

Battery Life:
Apple – (Pretty damn good the way it is really, but I foresee being a heavy user)

Text Input:
Apple –
HTC + (The TouchPro has a physical QWERTY keyboard)

Apple + (JHChrist it’s AppStore!)

Configuring mails and contacts stumped me for a moment.
When I get my MacBook Pro, synchronizing my iPhone and Macbook would be a breeze but what about before that?
Then I remembered about Google Calendar!

I might as well access my mail, contacts and calendar all through Google and not have to worry about conflicting information or having to update on a weekly basis.

…Google’s like, the IKEA of the internet, haha.

So there you have it. Apple all the way!

Thankfully there’s still some time to wait before the new release, so that would give me time to save up and maybe have local telcos work and revise their plans or just lower prices a little.

*So far no news of a new and improved iPhone, although the iPhone Nano rumours turned out to be true.

What about a 3rd gen iPhone?!

What about a 3rd gen iPhone?!

Like I’ve been saying time and time again, my goal for this year would be to get my DSLR camera.
I’ve been delaying and stalling for years and it’s about damn time I get my hands on one and get down to hands-on work because frankly, I’ve had little to no practice on my field lately.

So I’m going to need $2k. Accessories can wait, I want the camera as soon as possible.
To get it just before the end of the year, I’m going to have to staunchly save up $250 every month starting next month.

That’s pretty much half my salary.

Which means I’m going to have cut down on a lot of other expectations. Clothing in particular. I’ve been planning to begin collecting my wardrobe pieces (I’m getting tired of wearing the same old things every other time) soon but I simply don’t have the financial flexibility to do so it seems.

My hands are going to be full with paying for necessities and decent entertainment.

Disappointing though. I really wanted to up my casual wardrobe with a new pair of shoes, a watch and clothing in general (no way in hell can I afford formal anything now).

Well unless I strike gold ingots or something I’ll stick to my “very poor designer” look.

Don’t even get me started on other stuff that I’d like to buy, hah.

Some update on FFXIII! And to think we were all expecting a global release date. Region-specific releases spoils the magic and impact, really.



Yup ok. Pretty much just blah blah blah. Needed to get stuff out of my head.


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