Very Poor Designer

Jac coined the term I used for the title to describe my look.
I like it. (And no, it’s not as in my designs are poor, just financially poor.)
It reflects my low salary yet attempt to look decent, haha.

Anyway, I am dead exhausted after today.
Guard duty on Friday, one cup of coffee and bang I’m heading out to town. Went to Kino and got some stuff. Suki Sushi is beginning to lose it’s magic. I’m not sure whether it’s because the selection on the conveyor belt that day was poor, we’ve lost our ability to eat a lot or we simply have gotten used to eating better-tasting food.

Tried out black coffee with a shot of cognac in it.
Was interesting but I regretted instantly. The tea selection was far more superior.
Tried out Pepper Lunch for the first time; was better than I expected.

Strolled the streets a bit, checked out La Salle campus, got myself a lemon meringue deal.
Awesome day out.

OK lah this is a horrible summary.
Doesn’t do justice to the fun I had. Either way thanks, you lot.

Must go shopping wor.

I end with this video.

At first I was like: o_O Oh god wth is this shi—
And then I was like: o_o; Ooook I’ll see if anything interesting happens after a min…
Finally I was like: .A. *in stupor* …I just watched the entire thing and I don’t know why

Then I snapped out of it and went: Gee (geegeegeegeegee) how many members do they need ._.


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