Cup of tea, good sir?

Lily: Why would I want to change anything? This place is great, except you don’t have a TV.

Barney: [Points to wall] See that wall? [Turns on TV] 300 inch flatscreen! They only sell them in Japan but I know a guy. They ship it over in a tugboat like freakin’ King Kong!

Lily: It hurts my eyes…

Barney: Yeah, that doesn’t go away.

Munching On: Red Bean-filled buns
Drinking: Milo Fuze w/ Mocha
Listening to: DJ Max Portable Black Square OST ~BLACK Disc~

I’m definitely going to buy the How I Met Your Mother series once I’m done collecting 24. Six more seasons to go, whooo…

Red-bean paste buns are win. Especially the ones that they sell individually in bakeries. Good gawd. They’re like gooey goodness. Plus points if the bread itself is awesome too. The one pastry I’d really like to eat is my meron-pan though. I seem to have difficulty coming across one lately. Maybe I’m going to have to make a trip with the sole purpose of buying them.

This Milo Fuze thing is okay. Nothing spectacular. If it comes down to these instant-mix drinks, I’d rather just stick to regular Milo or my Nescafe Rich. Not something in the middle like what’s in my cup now. It just tastes… I don’t know, as undecided as it’s concept. There is this other brand, Neslo or something, that’s basically a mix between regular coffee and milo. Didn’t bother trying that one myself. As much as I’d love to drink loose-leaf tea (I wouldn’t get a coffee-machine) I just feel lazy to make it on a regular basis unless there’s some occasion like movie-watching or book-reading.

Some people may have noticed my fascination with the whole DJ Max/Beatmania/rhythm-game-genre thing.

I admit that it started years back and resurfaced only recently.
First there was Beatmania, back when my PS2 had passed away only months before. The game was released on the console and even had the controller for it. There’s like, 14 releases for the series so far, I think? But yeah. My closest to it was this flash-based version and a PC-sim whose name I cannot, for the life of me, remember.

Then along came Guitar Hero.
Rock Band.
DJ Max Portable.

Sure these games all appear ridiculous (and really, they are when it’s taken too seriously…) but it’s addictively fun. Especially when you’re mashing away to a song you like.

[DJMAX BLACK SQUARE] ReX – Heart of Witch 4B MX

[Beatmania IIDX] Another V (LISU)

I’m sad to say that I never got round to purchasing Guitar Hero: World Tour but if given the opportunity to buy it, I definitely would. Then I invite you to come over and jam out to some rock hits.

I also considered a PSP to catch up on the games I’ve wanted to play and then mindlessly play DJM Portable repeatedly ’til I reach some point of self-satisfaction. Didn’t walk this path either; the money’s going to my D90 fund.

So you can imagine me, suffering from withdrawals, when lo and behold! The makers behind DJ Max Portable has seen it fit to re-release a PC version, featuring quite a number of volumes from their series!

So now I’m having some trouble deciding between getting Dawn of War: Complete Collection for my Warhammer 40k fix or DJ Max Trilogy. Shall see when I get down to it in March or so because next month…

KILLZONE 2 baby!!

One of the holy trinity of games I’ve been eagerly awaiting since PlayStation 3 launch.

(1) Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of The Patriots (Orgasmic throes)
(2) Killzone 2 (Feb 2009)
(3) Fabula Nova Crystallis Final Fantasy XIII (sans PSP title of course)

But seriously, for us geek-heads and FPS gamers, there’s reason to be excited. The amount of work they’ve put into this game is staggering. For example, their hit-detection. Every bullet that makes contact with a model goes through three layers of processes. The rag-doll physics in the game makes gun-slaughter so… so beautiful… *tears in eyes*

Ballet Of Death Watch in HD for great justice!

As for FFXIII, after re-watching the trailers I only noticed how androgynous Lightning looks. Seems like Square-Enix has decided to play to their strengths and enslave more female-gamers under their army of fans. Just as long as they have a good engaging story with great characters and gameplay mechanics to match. I’m sure they wouldn’t have problems coming up with drool-worthy CG sequences again. The latest FF games have been found lacking, to be honest.

Final Fantasy XIII & Final Fantasy versus XIII Extended

I just hope they come up with a great storyline, seriously. But I fear with my greater appreciation and study of Western-styled themes, development and execution, I may find myself having trouble trying to get comfortable with Japanese direction and story-telling. It’s already proven to be true in a number of cases, though the last movie that I really enjoyed was Miyazaki’s Spirited Away.

Wai halo thar Chiyo

Wai halo thar Chiyo


While lomography might be this popular thing going on right now, a sub-hobby I’d pick up in photography would be using rangefinders. I am and always will be intrigued by them. They just exude classic, timeless design and their very function and purpose underscores a fact of photography I believe in: being at the right place at the right time. Besides, manual input forces you think about your composition more, rather than just “ok, it’s in focus, let’s go”. Not to mention that it’s stealthy. Quiet shutter sound (and cock the shutter at a later, more appropriate time), compact etc. I could be a part-time voyeur or something, haha.

Now it doesn’t help that these RF cameras aren’t cheap. No sir/ma’am, not cheap at all. I’d hump the Lecia M8.2 any day. Any given day. If I had like £4k+ lying around unused somewhere.

Leica M8.2 (Img from

Leica M8.2 (Img from

Realistically speaking I’d most likely have to stay away from Leica for a significant number of years (…why the hell do I have expensive hobbies?) and settle for a film rangefinder, something like the likes from Zeiss Ikon.

Times like these photography is becoming more accessible and picked up by many, deep inside I laugh at those ignorant enough to blindly jump on the wagon featuring the latest specs and largest amount of megapixels. Photography is an art; not overcompensating and flaunting off your gear.

(Yes I’m aware of the group of people called reviewers, professional photographers and genuinely-interested folks. They are exempt from my sweeping comment.)

Oh and lol. Taken from Ken Rockwell:

He speaks the truth

He speaks the truth

Apple has killer marketing. When did MacBooks, iPods and iPhones become so popular amongst the masses? (…wow that sounds like what I’ll become ._.)
If only they had a compilation of all their iPod advertisements.


To clear up some points in my Blog Ideas document in my phone…

There should only be one dress code for school girls in Singapore. Pleated skirt, decently-designed blouse (the collar and sleeves, perhaps the button-placket) and a ponytail or headband.

The way some of the uniforms look, un-tucked, no less, just looks awful. I don’t want to begin on the lian-wannabes. The time for them to dress up in skimpy outfits and looking like $50 will come >_>

But yes. Pleated skirts + ponytail = win.
I’d include leggings or thigh-highs too but that’s just not practical.



I’ll be getting my contacts next month, if camera-saving and expenses don’t suck my dry first. I’d be getting two birthday presents and I’m a little concerned with what I’d have left, haha.

Anyway, it’s out of necessity and for the occasional outing where I don’t feel like wearing glasses. My current ones aren’t exactly outing-material. I also notice the flaw in my current pair so kinda eager to get new ones once I ORD.

Well the point is, I had the divine pleasure of using eye-drops not too long ago (I always harbored a passionate hate for them, hence indirectly enforcing my past dislike for contacts) and noticed that, after a while… I could taste them in the back of my throat D:

Research reveals that your tear glands and linked to your sinus!

Wow. Now you know.


This entry is going on a stretch here, so shall conclude now.
I realized recently that I don’t really have any brands in mind when it comes to my future watches. Uhh, yeah, plural. Hey if a girl can have different kinds of jewelery for different occasions, a man can have his shoes and watches! (…actually in my case it should be my games, gadgets and camera stuff but I’m trying to prove a point).

Seems like I’m going to have to head down to watch stores and take a look-see for my first: a casual one. Most likely leather-band.

Well enjoy your week people.
(To you civilians: Enjoy your FREEDOM)


One thought on “Cup of tea, good sir?

  1. I want the M8!!!!!!!!!!!
    Rangefinders are damn beautiful but bloody heavy.
    Can you imagine if I bring 3 cameras out?
    One DSLR, one rangefinder, one erm, toy camera…
    No wonder I never grow tall.

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