Not too long ago, I had this event in camp and I was helping out with the organizers. I sat on the bench and let my gaze wander over the crowd. Eventually my eyes settled on something, or rather, someone: this lady with short hair that suited her nicely. There she was, in PT attire, doing her warm-up stretches. As I found myself curiously turned on, a realization dawned upon me:

I was fully recovered from my illness! :D

Eating: Banana Nut Crunch
Listening: No Woman No Cry by Bob Marley & The Wailers

OK so I’m not fully recovered, I have this cough that pops up every now and then but I’m feeling very much better. The past couple of weeks have been a living hell. Despite the 40 degrees fever and uncontrollable shaking, the blood test came back negative and I didn’t have dengue after all. Was kind of anti-climatic, hahaha. If I died I would have been a martyr for the countless thousands of male souls suffering in service to the nation. That would have been interesting.

Earlier this week I had a sudden craving for cereal. There I was reading and then suddenly: oh my God-Emperor I want to eat cereal. Talk about random. Makes me wonder about pregnant women and their cravings.

So when I booked out this morning I stopped by NTUC Fairprice on my way back and bought a few stuff I needed, along with Select’s Banana Nut Crunch! Lucky for me there was this bunch of small bananas in my kitchen so I promptly put it in together with the milk. Perfect right? Alas, the bananas tasted funny :(

Nonetheless I went all out and ate this huge bowl of cereal. Emptied half of both the box and milk. I think it’d be safe to say I won’t be eating it again anytime today, hahaha.

For some trivia, Bob Marley’s birthday was yesterday! Rest in peace man.

I was mildly surprised when I checked my bank account and discovered $200 had been deposited into it. Must have been this… thing going around. Honestly I have no idea what it is. I hear the other guys talking about letters and $200 so I figured this must be it. Don’t see the letter on my desk though; must still be out there somewhere.

So what am I gonna do with this $200? I might, and I say might, use some of it to buy a second-hand copy of Fallout 3. That’s it. I’m leaving it untouched since I’m getting my pay on Tuesday. And even then, I shall begin…

Operation Anchorage.

No, not the Fallout 3 mod but yes I took the name. Basically, upon review of my expenses for the month of January, I noticed that I there are huge spikes in my spending. Over the weekends. When I go out. On impulse buys.

Which doesn’t make sense because you see, I spend only $1 every weekday in camp for breakfast. That’s it. I indent my lunch and dinner and drink only plain water. Maybe I overcompensate and indulge luxuriously over the weekends for it; that puts all the effort in the first place to waste.


I shall anchor myself to my room. I shall seldom go out and in those circumstances, spend less than $10 each time. $20 at most for a damn good reason.

If I keep up with my savings of $200-$250 a month, I’ll hit my target of getting my camera later this year. Perfect.

Which is one of the reasons why I want to buy Fallout 3. I need to finish the game and it’ll be a great way to occupy my weekends when I’m not doing other stuff. Gonna pick up my guitar and play some random stuff too. I seriously wanted to buy a $200 or so keyboard while I wait to buy my digital piano but people I know who do play advised me against it. The key-action would feel different and there would be no pedals etc. Hence, le ol’ guitar.

Will now monitor my spending like a hawk.
A frickin’ hawk man, with those beady little eyes and kawh! and wings and stuff, man.
Lol. This month would be a little hard but Throne take me if I’m not going to have my hard-iron determination show through.
I’m gonna have money accumulating in my account for my pricey purchases and no one can stop me!
(Actually a lot of people and things can but no!)

I had a little spike of email notifications from Facebook, since there’s this photo of me back in my concert band in secondary school apparently. I couldn’t be bothered. I’m not logging onto Facebook because… I can. I’ll maybe log back into it next year.

Yeah I was in concert band. That was before I discovered the gift that was the English Language Club.

OK shall end post here. Busy with stuff! Shall do this meme from Sean later tonight.

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