Friday the 13th

National Service to girls are like periods to guys. Neither side will ever understand.

This post has absolutely nothing to do with the title :D
I couldn’t think of anything, haha.

I have mentioned before, on more than one occasion, that I have a wide taste for music. I’m mindlessly listening to Ayumi Hamasaki’s Trance album now so too lazy to go to YouTube and find any one song to link here. I already did so the last time anyway, in one of my previous entries.

I’m not gonna whine about NS because nobody wants to listen to it. Talking about it is just miserable too. Doesn’t help that I witnessed a bunch of people ORD this week. The day that I ORD… I’m going to wear a suit, pull a few pranks, get the hell out, celebrate and not remember a thing the next morning.

Anybody who claims they’re trying to stop smoking are liars. It simply takes force of will. If the idiot’s a heavy and already shaved off weeks of his/her life, then they’re going to have to cut down to a stick a day then go cold turkey. Other than that, there’s just no excuse. Please stop polluting our already ravaged environment. The world would be a better place without your ashes and smoke.

I’m very interested in watching The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, ever since they’ve likened it to Forrest Gump. I loved that movie. Interested in seeing their makeup and SFX work too. I think I’ll dedicate my movie-per-month either to this or Valkyrie, depending on whoever wants to watch whichever with me.

For those who are wondering, I’m most likely going to perform in April. So yeah if you want to see me in a funny uniform playing around with an old rifle in public, ask me and I’ll let you know, haha. It saddens me to know all these skills are going to be useless once I leave the army, but the injuries they leave me with will be with me for a long time. Much appreciated…

I’ve learned where Labrador Park is in Singapore and have also learned that it being a nature reserve, actually is a nice place to be compared to the more crowded and littered East Coast Park. I haven’t been to Pasir Ris Park lately so I wouldn’t know. So I looked over the barrier and stared down into the river. I knew it there and then that I’d rather be up in the sky then in the water.

Like I chant to whoever asks me if I swim: We crawled out of the damn seas millennia ago for a reason.

I breezed through the Hougang Secondary 2008 yearbook lying in my room. (1) My brother’s in HS now and, (2) Nobody should leave their crap in my room.

Aside from that, I went straight to the club listings.

OK wait I lied. I checked out the Sec 4 classes first. No I don’t know anybody, but you know… secondary four… >_>;

Well point is, I was pleasantly surprised to find that the Symphonic Band has went a long way. It took army to realize how much I truly missed it. I love music. There’s also a shooting club now! Damn it. I want to join, haha. So happy my combat shoot’s next month. (Sad that I’m not using a rifle I clean personally. Also sad that I’ll have to clean the rifle very thoroughly the day after.) I’ll still never understand why anybody would want to join uniform groups. Please. The only plus side is that NPCC has hot uniforms.

Most shocking for me, however, is that I could NOT find English Language Club anywhere. At all! There’s only a Humanities Club now. Holy fething Throne. I guess that this was done deliberately so that the memory of it being so awesome would not be tainted by future, less talented individuals. At the same time it’s painful to know people wouldn’t be blessed enough to have such a great time with it.

Who needs clubs like Zouk, Double O and the rest of the crap (if I offended you then well, too bad. Go poison yourself to a stupor). The only club I need is ELC baby.

…ok so maybe I’ll join other clubs when I’m back in tertiary education, but yeah.

Speaking of which, to be totally honest, I have no vision for my future. I know that I want to work after I ORD and then head back to school. I have no plans or interest for university. I’ll probably find a decent stable job, expand my skills and work freelance for small projects as well.

With all this talk of cars and driving lessons that I’m being exposed to lately, I’ve thought about reconsidering learning to drive. After much self-bickering, I still doubt I’d take it up. The fees are pretty expensive. Having a car brings about a lot of maintenance fees I could do without and besides, Singapore’s a small country. The roads are congested as it it. Have I mentioned ERP? Ultimately, why drive when someone else can do it for you? Just grab a cab, man. Do the economy some good and help feed another soul. Also, I hate the idea of parking, so yeah.

I really really really want to buy a bottle of hard liquor. More along the lines of Chivas. I’d finish vodka pretty damn fast and would only drink Below 42 (which costs close to a $100), so vodka would have to wait. I could save money and get tequila, but… I want Chivas ._. This strong urge is a great test for my determination! I shall prove to you that I shall stick to my goal of saving and NOT buy it this month!

I’ll buy it in March :P

Haha. Well, nothing interesting to blog about. Mind’s a little sluggish. Maybe it’s from the run this morning. My runs are now off-track and they’re doing a great job of making life for my knees hell.

Have a great day Mayonites!


4 thoughts on “Friday the 13th

  1. Because I am used to Plurk now:

    *thinks you should invest in a LiveJournal so a certain pirate doesn’t have to keep checking when she remembers.

    *thinks you shouldn’t watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. The make up and stuff are awesome, but I fell asleep watching it. =_=;

    *thinks you need to come up with a better title.

    *exits stage left. o///

  2. @A Nony Mouse/Whichever-nick-you-want-to-go-by:
    No I don’t like the LiveJournal interface. I’m sticking with WordPress till the end of time! Or.. well, until I get my own site.

    And I can’t possibly come up with awesome titles every time >_< Besides it really was Friday the 13th…

    Yeah you’re not the only one who agrees apparently. But I have no concerns with slow-paced movies. I challenge anyone to sit through a 3-hour silent movie and also watch Citizen Kane (slow but really awesome movie).

    Patience will either be burned into your soul, or you’ll hate me for it, haha.

    But Below 42 is so… so… aweso-licios! Haha, I have no idea where Attica is. Is it in your attic? 8D Hahaha, must plan our schedules!

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