I’ve always wondered how people set up stores selling underwear in the middle of a mall. There I am, going about my business. Garlic bread, donut, thong, red bean paste bun, g-string, pizza, curry chicken bun, panty etc.

Like, seriously, c’mon. It’s distracting ._.

And by that I meant eating my donut.

Listening: I Don’t Want To Set The World On Fire by The Ink Spots

Last weekend I went down to IKEA with a few of the guys. Got myself an extra chair and a cushion for it, as well as a bunch of glasses to accommodate my future drinking needs.

Our conversation touched upon this particular fashion trend of wearing these caps with wide, decorated brims on top of your head. They don’t actually wear the thing. It just sits on their head.

Which, to me, looks ridiculously stupid.

You might as well put a monkey in there and wear a one-piece bathing suit.

So my tastes in fashion aren’t the usual local norm either but hey, at least I adopt mine from practical ones. Still working on my wardrobe. Actually I just have no money so yeah, I know what I want to wear and I’d look presentable at the least. Compared to weird hat that makes you want to smack them off the owner’s head.

So I visited the optometrist (who was a cute lady in her mid 20s by the way) and much to my horror and expectations, came to find out that my degree went up. Again.

50 points higher for each eye.


It’s almost definitely a result of me reading a lot in camp, my bright LCD monitor, fairly huge TV and the lack of ideal lighting conditions in both camp and home for all my activities.

Bloody hell.

As if having a dusty room wasn’t bad enough. I need to have one that’s perpetually dark most of the time either. Switching on the lights would just make it more warm and the semi-working air-conditioner doesn’t help either. Ahhhhh!

Which is why reading about those private-contract HDB apartments was very appealing to me when they appeared in the papers. The apartments get so much natural light thanks to those huge, glorious glass windows. Not the small, crappy grilled ones.

Got a bunch of stuff to do today. One of them’s playing Fallout 3 for a bit. I haven’t had my post-apocalyptic fix this week so I must have some today before heading back to camp. Then I’m going to have to iron my uniform, something I really hate because I find the standard I need to achieve is ridiculous.

Hoping to catch Valkyrie next weekend. Then perhaps apply for my Kino membership card, something I didn’t get the chance to do yesterday, mostly because the area would have been frickin’ crowded.

I want out!
Give me back my “mister” salutation please. I don’t want no stupid rank. Keep your chevrons and lines to your crappy organization, kthxbye.

3 thoughts on “Four-Eyes

    Haha. I just rushed into the bar, popped out my 10mm and gave all out VATS

    Oh gawd, not this site again! The horror!

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