Happy Anniversary, Darling

We’ve been through so much, seen so many things. I didn’t expect us to get this far when we started out, yet here we are! A year together. A year of shared experiences and memories.

True, there’s been our ups and downs but we’ll still be together through it all.

That’s right, it’s the 1-Year Anniversary between me and… dundundun


Hahaha :D

Listening: Creep by Radiohead

Is also listening to Leona Lewis.
So many albums to buy, so little money!

Yes my little gaggle of Mayonites, it’s the anniversary of this hallowed blog. We’ve really come a pretty long way. Post ideas have came and gone. Remember the days of the 3 Top-Songs Of The Month? Or when I wrote all those gaming reviews. And all of my forever-random posts.

OK so it’s not really a lot and nothing spectacularly noteworthy but hey, an anniversary is an anniversary!

So I shall blog tomorrow (partly because I’m kinda lazy and wanna do some stuff) and give you:


(1) I love fruits. Bananas and strawberries top the list; quick way to my heart when presented with ice cream, haha.

(2) The first CD I ever bought was Red Hot Chili Peppers’s Californication.

(3) I have a passive fascination over what my death would be like.

(4) I strongly believe there should be an etiquette to waking people up.

(5) I prefer the number “5” over the rest.

(6) Pornography is jaded to me.

(7) I’ve wanted to play the piano since I was eight.

(8) I sleep on either side of the bed, enough to accommodate another person. I think it’s because of the queen-sized bed I slept on for a great number of years.

(9) If given a choice between being awe-inspiring and terror-inducing, I think I’d choose the latter.

(10) When I was a kid, I was an arsonist… I’m really sorry about the playground.

(11) My showers are at least 15 minutes long. Longest was over 40 minutes.

(12) I want a Gameshark or some variant of the developer-console for the PS3.

(13) I’ve always described my speech as a silenced weapon on burst-fire; evidently also the traits my weapon of choice should have.

(14) I wanted to change my name, but to what I never knew. I now think Ade’s pretty great. I can pass off as Adeline when I feel like it, lol.

(15) Fish are kinda great as display-pets, but aquarium maintenance is such a pain.

(16) I ate fast food every other day and drank soft drinks like water in primary school. I seldom consume them now. I drink water like water.

(17) I have an unexplained fear of crashing my vehicle due to recklessness and speeding. I think I subconsciously believe I’d re-spawn in the middle of the road in peak condition afterward.

(18) I like “I Kissed A Girl” by Katy Perry.

(19) A question that I’ve had for over 10 years: What exactly is “99% chicken essence”?

(20) I want to sit on a roller-coaster.

(21) I have no confidence for portrait photography.

(22) I shave more than just my facial hair.

(23) I think girls are lucky when it comes to fashion options.

(24) I’ve never considered cosplaying a non-masked character; the better to portray the character without facial limitations. I wonder if I’ll ever do so again..?

(25) Thinks he’ll never really manage to set-up alternative income branches for quite some time.


3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Darling

  1. #6, that’s nice to hear cos it’s something different, but I hope you haven’t gone on to weirder things, like seeing people make love to corpses and the likes.

  2. @youismuppet:
    Yes. I hesitate to say “use your imagination”, haha

    Indeed. But seriously. It’s boring. Feels so detached and alien. Only helps as visual reference once in a while, lol.

    And no. I’m not *that* depraved D:

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