Greenhorn Productions is pleased to announce that we will be presenting RACHAEL YAMAGATA LIVE! at the Esplanade Concert Hall on 15 April 2009.

The follow-up to Yamagata’s 2004 full-length debut, Happenstance, her return to a major label, Elephants…Teeth Sinking Into Heart has been praised by fans and press. The CD contains two parts: the first, Elephants, is the darker and more vulnerable of the two, while the guitar-driven Teeth Sinking Into Heart is grittier and more defiantly cynical. Underscored by Yamagata’s husky alto and expressive piano (and now guitar) playing, the two parts, when taken together, present a snapshot of the emotions that revolve around heartbreak and the inevitable challenges of relationships. Of the album’s 15 tracks, Nebraska-based Mike Mogis, the multi-instrumentalist and producer known for his work with Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley and The Faint, produced 12. Two tracks were produced by John Alagia (John Mayer, Dave Matthews Band), who also produced Happenstance. The album also features guest appearances by singer-songwriters Ray Lamontagne and Azure Ray’s Maria Taylor.

Over the last three years, Rachael has also appeared on albums by Ryan Adams, Ray Lamontagne, Jason Mraz, Bright Eyes, and Mandy Moore. Her tours have included runs with Adams, Lamontagne, Moore, Liz Phair, Gomez, and most recently Sara Bareilles. She has also played shows with Pete Townsend, Aimee Mann, David Gray, Damien Rice, and Air.

DO NOT MISS this chance to catch Rachael Yamagata in the beautiful Esplanade Concert Hall on 15 April 2009. Tickets will range from $68 – $118 (excluding SISTIC booking fees). Fans of Greenhorn Productions facebook page will receive a password by way of a facebook update which will entitle them to discounts and priority booking. Full details will be available at soon. Stay tuned.

I am so going.
If anybody’s interested do let me know next weekend, if not I’m booking for just myself!

Speaking of concerts I’ll be going for May’s Final Fantasy one. It’s almost fully booked now I believe?

Anyway didn’t go online last week because I was simply too busy and I had no link to the internets. Yeah long story. Happened before. You’ll come to grips with it, haha.

Dismounted from guard duty earlier on and I’m gonna’ head out for lunch shortly after.
…I really need new clothes man, geez.
And shoes.
Oh and a watch.

OK stop, stop right there.

Shall maybe blog tonight, catch up on some stuff and all.

Meanwhile, I’m posting up a missing person ad. I’m looking for my soul. We’ve been estranged these past couple of years but not too long ago my dear soul just upped and left. It hasn’t been the same since. So if you have any info whatsoever, do let me know :)

Have a great Saturday, Mayonites!
And here’s hoping that it doesn’t rain tomorrow so my parade won’t get canceled again ._.

Awesome me

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