I want a big Mushkin!

Listening: Love Game by Lady GaGa
Wanting to eat: Japanese Curry

Went for lunch with Vivien at Mr. Curry.
It’s Japanese and I had the omelette rice of course. Was nice, as usual whenever I eat anywhere with her, haha. Maybe because I’ve stopped treating myself to food lately D:

Anyway they had four different choices for curry and I went ahead with the tomato-base. Portion left more to be desired though. Definitely would return to try their other offerings.

Wish I had a camera to post up pictures but hey whoops! I’m saving for my camera ain’t I?
So yeah. This blog’s not gonna see any photos from me for… a great part of the year, really.

Checked out Toys R Us because I wanted to check out the super soakers (disappointing collection, but quite decent overall) and she wanted to see if there were any I-CY models. Along the way came across this one owl plush toy which I can only simply describe as win. If I had the spare cash I would have bought it right there and then.

Yes. A plush toy.
It was *that* good.

Managed to monitor, with great effort, my spending. Considering it was Orchard Road and all. I’ve noticed how bookstores are advertising all sorts of Watchmen publications in light of the movie release. Will be catching it tomorrow with my bunkmates after the Ch4nge of Gu4rd ceremony at Ist4n4.

(Yes I’m that paraonid. You never know, man. Military intelligence could be like the goddamn Illuminati…)

Read lots of reviews and as expected, wasn’t that well received.
Because seriously, the graphic novel is too epic and to translate it into a movie would take monumental effort. The media-translation itself would have posed a lot of issues, so it’s no surprise to learn that it’s been delayed for a great number of years. We’re talking decades.

Still at least it didn’t bomb. Under Snyder’s direction it’s visually stunning and has been a faithful an adaptation as it could be. The mature themes and lack of action (love how misleading the trailers could be, haha) wouldn’t appeal to a great audience.

The Dark Knight is a masterpiece however and shouldn’t be brought up to compare against other such movies.

Basically spent the day around the area til evening. Had a great time as usual. Pass me Lucky*Star soon, k? XD

Anyway, I went ahead and bought The Goo Goo Dolls greatest hits album and my long overdue Frou Frou Details the previous week. Loving the purchase and am enjoying the fidelity that my speakers can afford. When I get my amp, DAC and Senns, it’ll turn into an aural orgasm, hah.

Listening to Lady GaGa’s album now; I’ll be adding it to my buy list, behind a few other more important purchase, like my Sixpence None The Richer which I really enjoy.

The more I sit at my PC, I realize just how damn bright this LCD monitor is. It’s burning into my damn eyes! Aaaagh!
…ok well no, not literally but you get the idea. Bright, bright stuff. Not helping that my room isn’t ideally lighted as well. So I’ve taken to watching any shows I’ve downloaded on my TV when I can. It’s a bigger screen and all, but at least it’s not that bright.

Sure I could adjust the settings but… it’s fine the way it is. Good way to force me to take a break now and then too.

Nothing really significant to talk about at the moment. I’ve got dinner and some shows to catch up on, so do that I shall.

Stay perky!

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