Makes The World Go Round

So here’s all my major saving projects. Just take into consideration the Cost.

Name: Nikon D90 DSLR
Cost: $2,000
Other Costs: $150 [Camera Bag, UV filter]
Near Future: $600 +/- [Dry Cabinet, Nikkor 50mm 1.4f lens]

Priority: High. Very high
Reason: Work and study related. How am I going to improve and share if all I do is take mind-snapshots of what I see? The Nikon D90 has, as of now, a high price:performance ratio. It’s a solid investment in a body and it comes together with a kit lens to get me started right away. I can then focus on other accessories such as lenses, memory cards, flash etc

Saving: $200 per month

Name: iPod Touch (3rd Gen)
Cost: $400
Other Costs: $80 [Protection]
Near Future: $400 [Headphones, Headphone amp, DAC, Apple Store]

Priority: Medium
Reason: As much as I love using a discman (thanks btw, Daryl), it limits me in my selection of music as I only dare bring one CD out nowadays; it remains in the discman. I’ll most probably put my songs in lossless anyway, so that’s about 8-9 albums with me wherever I go. I’m also getting it for it’s features, be it the App Store programs, the multi-touch interface or the Safari web browser. I’m getting this in lieu of an iPhone, which is really crappy feature-wise right now. I also won’t have to worry about sharing battery life between my phone and music player.

I say 3rd Gen because, going by the history of the iPod Touch, it should be announced later this year.

Saving: $50 per month

Name: Apple Macbook Pro 17″
Cost: $4,400
Other Costs: TBC [Hardware upgrades, AppleCare]

Priority: High
Reason: One might question over my selection of a Macbook Pro. With the seemingly high price and all, I could get a pretty high-end desktop PC running on Windows. The thing is I’m using it purely for work: video, photo and audio. Then one might argue that with the money I could create a pretty good desktop editor but I need the portability. Besides, my work desk will look minimalist and cool, lewl. Still I’m a little undecided over it. Shall save the money for it anyway, cos I still need a workhorse next year.

Saving: $0 per month

Name: A HTC mobile phone
Cost: $500 or so [w/ new sign-up plan]
Other costs: $80 [Protection]

Priority: Medium
Reason: National Service will be over, will want a new phone to signify my assimilation back to civilian life. I’ve been fond of HTC for a long time; I love the design and user interface. As to what model I’m not entirely too sure. Will be making use of getting a new postpaid line also, since I’m on prepaid for NS.

Saving: $20 per month

Name: Honda Phantom T150/200 or other 200cc bike
Cost: From $1,600 to $4,800 [excl. COE, road tax, plate etc]
Other Costs: TBC [Parts, accessories]

Priority: Medium
Reason: Well I can’t afford a car right now. Riding a bike is a far greater experience than driving a car, IMO. Cheaper long term costs also. No, I don’t have a death wish although the chances increase by a lot. Honestly not too sure, but as I slowly grow older I’m becoming more and more inclined to getting personal transport. Public transport is pretty great and all… but what happens after midnight? I’d like something efficient once in a while too. I’m going to enroll for a 2B license this month; we’ll see how that turns out. If the whole bike thing doesn’t work out then… well it’s nice to know I’ve got some cash lying around. Can use it for accommodation.

Saving: $0 per month

Name: School
Cost: Dunno. In excess of $8,000++ thank you come again
Other Costs: Should be quite significant

Priority: High
Reason: Well… duh. Haven’t thought about it, but explored a number of local options, including going back to Ngee Ann Polytechnic. There’s La Salle and their different system which I’m a little afraid of. Other art schools. This includes other part-time courses and workshops I’d like to take part in. Also includes my CPF Education loan repayment. So yeah, that’s for the high cost estimation. It’s all above me I’m not really putting much thought into this right now, just getting some basics down. Will start when I begin work after I ORD.

Saving: $0 per month

Name: Wardrobe

Name: Games

Name: Alcohol

Reason: Well ok this is all the informal stuff I’m just listing for fun, haha.

Name: Apartment

Reason: This is where I start singing Over My Head by Sum 41.


So there you have it. What I’m saving for, in case you ever wonder what the hell it is.
Times like this I miss the days where I just looked forward to saving $20 to buy my Pokemon booster packs, hahaha.


Welcome all criticisms and opinions! Seriously, shoot me with all you have if you have any.

Sorry for the dull, black and white post. Didn’t have anything in mind to blog about, and the bike thing just came into consideration not too long ago. We’ll see what this weekend holds! :D


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