T minus 365 Days

Go For Gold!

Haha, you’d notice I’ve changed my Wish List page to something else. Go take a look if you will. It’s a lot more… simple, lol
Leave me a comment if you ever feel yourself suddenly bursting with love and charity and wish to donate lots of money to me :Dv

Anyway if you’re curious, that “Go for Gold!” phrase is something I remember from my BMT IPPT days. It just struck me as funny. For some weird reason.

You know what else I weirdly find funny?
Car alarms.
Seriously, they just crack me up.

Listening: Rock Me In by Britney Spears

Come on, don’t tell me you don’t find that song catchy.

I’m fully aware that I’ve been guilty of pointless, post-because-it-feels-obligatory entries lately. There just haven’t seem to be any spark of blog-worthy events lately.

Well sure there was the Ch4nge 0f Gu4rd ceremony last weekend. Suffice to say, it went bad. Really wasn’t happy with how the whole parade turned out. I know some people find this all a chore and couldn’t be bothered, but at least do a decent performance man, Throne.

The other contingent of guards. I’m in the other one, with a small mistake at the end but no video of it. Oh God-Emperor watching this is painful.

My mates go at it. Their maiden performance, so pretty good I must say. Can be improved of course. I’ll be in there next month I think. I rather be guards and in No.1 :(

Ahhhh Mr Z. Even though the rifle dropped, at least it was pretty graceful and quick.

If you’re curious, I recognize the first part of the song to be “Barbara-Ann” by The Beach Boys and the latter half is “Take It Easy” by The Eagles. Oldies ftw!

Times like these I kinda get envious of the S4f Band.

So that’s that. I’m gonna go suffer under the sun this month in preparation for April’s performance I guess. Then train for NDP ’09. Whoah.

Well that’s that.

Rachael Yamagata’s concert tickets are up for sale today!
Seems like I’m gonna go get a single seat. Dunno which price-region I should pay too. I’ll gladly part with my cash for the highest-priced seats (because it’s Yamagata! Oh how I love her music) but the thing is it’s really tricky with my saving plans. I never figured she would come down again so soon. But her new album’s releasing in the near future so on hindsight, I should have expected this all along.

Either way, I’m so going for the concert.
Shall go order my tickets later tonight :)

Today marks the day of me being in service for an entire year. Another year to go!
Some of my bunk mates, the seniors, ORD’ed today. Kinda odd ’cause today’s activities made it felt as if I was going off too, hahaha. How I wish man, how I wish.

So how has army changed me? I wonder too.

I’ve come to treasure my time a lot more nowadays. Suuuure nothing like a good ol’ day of doing nothing, but I’m not getting any younger (being twenty feels like… ooooold, good God-Emperor) and my responsibilities are slowly coming towards me in the distance. I need to make use of my time. Though I admit I haven’t made much productive use of my weekends, other than spending time with people who matter to me. Need to work on that, haha.

I’ve had a nice clear view of my current situation. It’s mostly to all my free nights to myself spent thinking and reflecting and here I am. Dropping out of poly appears to be more common than I thought, but I’ve only just appreciated how much time has been lost. In a way I’m still thankful for what happened though. I didn’t really take my modules seriously and didn’t absorb and learn as much as I should have. This time round I’m going in with shutters blazing and mice-clicking. Still contemplating my educational path, but I roughly know what it is. In fact, I’m much more self-aware that I’ve been lately. Not surprising but still, it’s a nice little eye-opener.

I kind of enjoy… running/jogging. If I could live without it I’d gladly part ways with it, I swear, my poor knees… But it clears your head (unless you were doing speed training; you might be puking instead lol) and makes you feel good for a bit. I wonder if I’ll continue my every-other-night-run once I’m a blissful civilian again. Thanks to this, and also partly because of my motorbike-pursuit (I’ll come to that later), I’ve dusted off my bicycle (haha… *cough*) and bought my long-overdue lights and lock. Gonna go set off cycling and exploring. Then sprint home so at least I’d sweat it out more. Or maybe run… By the Throne what has the army done to me!

I’ve come to miss my friends more. My closest ones. Everyone will soon be setting off on their own ways (and countries) chasing their dreams. The only time the future makes me uneasy.

My wild spending instincts have been somewhat tamed and civilized, hahaha. While I do miss spending $500 on clothes at a single store, I no longer have that luxury. It was good while it lasted. I’m gonna have to plan and spend wisely for pretty much a great number of years. Especially so now that I’ve taken it upon myself to become independent. If I could I’d really move out after I ORD, but that’s not possible. Maybe renting-out with a flatmate in 2-3 years time? It’s also nice to know that you actually have *money* in your bank, not in your dreams, hahaha.

Don’t really want this to go on and on. Shall put this at an end here yeah?


When Daryl gets back from Taiwan, we’re gonna go on a zombie rampage man. Hahaha. This and Resident Evil 5? Show me some Z-love with some 12-gauge!

Provided he has the time now, that is.

Anyway, on to the whole motorbike thing.

Yes, I’m going to enroll for my Class 2B tomorrow.
No, once again, I do not wish to become another “Malay, Rider, Under 30” death statistic.

Besides, riders have been proven to display much more road awareness than drivers, (except some young ones on sportsbikes… on alcohol perhaps…) by the very nature of their transports. Cars are sealed little metal boxes with music that make you rely on mirrors for most of your gauging.

And I dunno, bikes just make you feel alive. If I get that from simply being a pillion, how about when I’m actually riding? You also become more aware of the awful road pollution, reminding you to love the world more and try to do your part to slow down the environmental plummet.

Then there’s the money matters.

Whatever the reasons, I’m going to go give it a shot tomorrow. Hopefully complete my basic theory by this month, get some actual bike handling experience by April. I’m not too confident of my balance and all, but damn if I’m not determined. On my way home earlier today, I paid special attention to the number of Phantoms on the road. I wanna be one of them! I just love the design compared to the more sportier ones. Must be the Harley-Davidson influence my Dad impressed over me when I was younger. Too bad it’s been sold off, after going through a number of model changes… to make way for two other bikes, lol.

I’m sure my parents would be against it.
But I’m paying for it and all. So…

I’ll be a safe rider, really. I might get too preoccupied and forget something or another, but I won’t test my limits. When I get the bike sometime next year I want to spend most of my early time riding around Hougang-Punggol and get acquainted with it. Perhaps technically too. I am a technically-clueless person.

Word count crossed 1,000.
Too long in my opinion. I try to keep them under. In case you know, I bore you, as I think I am by now.

So take care dear Mayonite.
Shall perhaps detail over my enrolling process tomorrow night. Haha.
Kinda excited.


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