Remember the Kinder Surprise chocolate egg from years back, that had a little toy inside? I loved the thing and bought it weekly during my primary school days. The toys were pretty cool and the egg itself was awesolicious, so I was bummed out when I learned that you couldn’t find them any more.

Earlier this afternoon, V and I dropped by 7-11 across from the church at City Hall MRT. By then I was pretty much sick beyond hope, liquid dripping from my nose like… well… let’s just say I got so annoyed that the idea of slapping on a girly-pad onto my face seemed like a damned good idea. Anyway, I had to go buy tissues because my personal supply (one regular, one scented) ran out.

Observation: I carry a pack of wet tissues with me also. Yes yes, I actually have a kit of stuff I carry around with me but that’s not the issue. No matter how desperate you are, it is highly advised not to use wet tissues to blow your nose. Seriously. Because after the brief respite from the slow ooze, you suddenly realize you have absolutely no idea which part of the tissue you blew in since the whole thing is already wet… Yeah. Disgusting really.

Back to the story.

Stepping inside, we noticed this small little aisle right at the entrance displaying products from Kinder. It’s Kinder Joy +Surprise! Or whatever the full name is, I can’t remember now. It was egg-shaped and there I was, elated that this might be the evolution of everybody’s beloved Kinder Surprise! (C’mon, everybody loved that egg. Everybody.) It looked different but I had to find out what changed. Happily bought one for each of us along with a couple of other stuff.

Like a pack of those facial tissues. 16 packs of 10 I think? I was left with 5 at the end of the day…*

Once we opened up the thing, I was immediately dismayed by how the egg split into two. It’s not an egg anymore. Rather, one half of it is the toy, covered with foil riddled with question marks, while the other holds the chocolatey part, hidden behind a transparent cover.

As for the taste: it’s like melted Kinder Bueno. It looked kinda suggestive. A bowl of chocolate covered in white cream, with two hazelnut cracker balls on the top.

All in all, I’ll say I miss my Kinder Surprise.

*Due to my insanely high rate of tissue-consumption, I was basically dumping my wad-loads in every garbage bin I came across. Kinda like leaving a trail for people to hunt me down, haha. You must understand that sometimes, I had more used tissue with me than me finding bins. I had to resort to using my jeans pocket as a cache. It was horrible. Really… really horrible. Didn’t help that I as sneezing every now and then. I used so much medicated oil for temporary relief (like… 30 seconds) that the area around my nostrils smart a little. Being sick sucks :(

SSDC’s customer service closes early over the weekends, as I found out. Got lost for a bit too trying to find the place. Turned out to be really close actually. Anyway, I enrolled online for my 2B (bye bye $74) and shall go down tomorrow morning to get my documents and do my eye test.

Nervous about the practical when I get to it. Can I even balance on the darn thing? Hahaha, dunno’ man. Shall see, shall see. Wanted to go ride my bike around the ‘hood but now that I’m sick, I’m stuck at home.

Bought a few stuff today. Most notable would by Kenzo Flower Power fragrance. Been wanting to get my paws on this ever since it was first announced last year since my Issey Miyake’s been with me since 2006 (about 1.5cm worth of it left) and that the lighter, flowery notes would match my skin better than regular, heavier scents. Shall go give it a try next time I’m out. They should totally sell small travel-sized ones in addition to the regular-sized bottles. Then can add it to my travel-grooming kit, hahaha.

Carl’s Jr. Thickburger is messy, by the way. I think I’ve grown fond of it.

Going to go study my first lesson of riding theory online :D

Stay quirky, Mayonites~


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